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Denver, I've Got Some Explaining To Do

For Denver fans who purchased tickets for last year’s canceled date, the band is offering a “Previous Purchasers” presale starting Friday, January 12 at 10 a.m. to Sunday, January 14 at 10 p.m. As a Previous Purchaser, fans can access tickets to the upcoming show for 50% off while supplies last (previous seat locations not guaranteed). Fans can purchase as many specially-discounted tickets as they had purchased for the 2017 performance. Applicable previous ticket holders will receive an email with all the details shortly. More details are available at

Comments (26)

  1. legendem em portugues!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Love you Jon 💜 Bon Jovi the best!

  3. Someday you plain back to Latinoamerica? Plz

  4. LMFAOO Miss eddie Q from the lie to me set the extended version music video in 95' ok

  5. Hi Jon, Im from Chile Arica fan N°1, i have all your singles, It would be a great honor for me to follow me in Twitter @DiegoPipelme.

  6. Dios, me encantas !!

  7. John, I don't know if you will get this message but I will try any way. my daughter will be at your concert in Houston tonight. I wanted to see if you would give a shot out go Stephanie Folkes. she was going to your concert when she was 16 and j did not let her go because they had no security back then. I did not realize how much it ment to her. I laid for this ticket tonight to make up for all those years I listened to her tell me. she is now in her forty and better late then Never! Hope you get this message Sonya , Stephanies mom

  8. Hi john please come to newcastle im 10 pleaseeew

  9. The world can get by without Alec John Such, but I can't stomach a Bon Jovi concert without Ritchie Sambora on guitar. Sorry brother Jon, but that's how things stand with me.

  10. Jon bon jovi still my favorite singer

  11. 😍I LOVE YOU 😘💘

  12. Jon you're an amazing man. I'm proud to be called your fan. You do all you can to help people that's why you're awesome as well as you're one heck of a performer. Love You . Hope you come to our area soon.😘😍😎🤗

  13. Well I hope your health is all sorted now and you are feeling better than ever.

  14. Hola Jon mandanos un mensaje en español para Argentina!!! Te amamos mis tres hermanas y yo. El 25 de enero es mi cumpleaños y me gustaria recibir un saludo de la banda Bon Jovi!!

  15. He is just amazing. He really care about fans.

  16. BS and in 12 months you'll be playing for free, that's a taste of what you get for kissing Hillary's ass, fans jumping ship

  17. I love ♡♥♥♥♥♥

  18. God bless you Jon!Thank you for everything ! Take care yourself!

  19. Jon is so adorable!! I love his soft smile and eloquent hands. 😍💗💕

  20. This is very respectable Bon Jovi, it would be even more classy if you honored the Patti Fiasco as your opener. The band's hearts were broken when you had to cancel. Many Patti Fiasco fans had made travel plans from all over to see this concert. This band deserves to rock the big stage and I hope you can give them back the opportunity.

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