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Diana Krall – Full Concert – 08/15/99 – Newport Jazz Festival (OFFICIAL)

Diana Krall – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 8/15/1999 – Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI)

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0:00:00 – I Love Being Here with You
0:05:24 – All Or Nothing At All
0:14:27 – I’ve Got You Under My Skin
0:20:41 – Devil May Care
0:26:25 – Lost Mind
0:31:50 – East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)
0:39:40 – Peel Me A Grape
0:46:32 – Route 66

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  1. One of my very favorite jazz singers. She's also such an incredible piano player! Every time I watch this video I have to laugh when she scolds the guy with the binoculars. She is just "so real" and down to earth.

  2. the songs is wonderful of Diana crall your the sings with piano just brillian and experiance of lady.

  3. something so good can come from american woman ! unbelieveble

  4. i was surprised to hear this NEW music. jazz lives today

  5. More piano in the mix please! great performance thanks!

  6. She walked out on that stage like she meant, “fucking business”, Jack!

  7. First time I have seen her in concert. Very talented lady and with a good young group behind her. Even so, Ms. Krall looks like she would be hard to get along with. Could be just her way but she looked in this concert with not being very happy and having a sort of attitude. But, perhaps not. I noticed too the butch stomp in heels coming out. ha ha

  8. Diana you make everything easy.

  9. Back in 2002 Diana Krall was in her prime. Since then i have seen her 3 times in concert, but as a big Diana Krall fan, she just mailed in her performance!s! Like she had somewhere else she wanted to be, no passion, no heart or soul. Few cliche comments to the audience, few good moments, but her best songs she just showed a few hints of her brilliance from 2002 era. Saw her at the Waterbury Palace, walking out you usually hear audiences comment on her performances….people exiting the theater said nothing, I will just play her music, last concert I will see her, three concerts for a lot of money, just disappointment. Go listen to Live in Paris!

  10. elle a l'air de se faire chier Diana…


  12. таких женщин просто не бы ва ет !!!!!!!ЭТО ЧУДО.

  13. Brilliant pianistic performance. Her knowledge and application of historical jazz concepts is staggering. She shows great respect for the jazz pianists who came first, yet she is ultra creative with her own musical ideas. Amazing talent.

  14. I was there for this and it was the first time I had seen Diana. Been in love ever since!

  15. My Dad's favorite musician was Oscar Peterson. I got my love of Jazz from my Dad. I wish he'd lived long enough to hear Diana Krall. I'm sure he would have loved her too, and we could have jammed together.

  16. ¡Excelente concierto! Felicitaciones a todo el grupo, en especial a Diana, es muy talentosa.

  17. Amazing Diana. I love her music.

  18. The woman is oh so very talented and so very sexy


  20. She's baked and drunk. But knows her shit.

  21. In the span of like 30 seconds, Diana quotes "Bemsha Swing", "Love In Bloom" and "Oobop Sh'bam" as she finishes her solo on "East of the Sun". All without making it sound corny. Well. Done. Diana.

  22. Monk quotes here and – after all even – there, Missus got sly old ears

  23. wonderful musician and pretty woman…

  24. Pueden escuchar lo que se les de la gana

  25. It's official. I can listen to Krall all day long…
    I've listened to these full length concerts on entire commutes down to work and back and she's fantastic. Gotta see her live someday

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