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Discussion Video 12: Lindsey Buckingham Sues Fleetwood Mac

In this video I will be going over the recent news which has been the main topic of interest lately in the world of classic rock music which is that Lindsey Buckingham suing Fleetwood Mac

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  1. Great video on this topic. I am growing tired of the whole Fleetwood Mac drama. They have made excellent music in the past and maybe they need to call it a day. Kicking Lindsay Buckingham out of FM is like kicking Keith Richards out of the Stones. It is crazy and I have no interest in the new line up. It’s kind of over for me.

  2. I think this new line up with breath some much needed new life into an otherwise tired limping band.

  3. You know what James,they should all pack it in if they are fighting about money at this stage.Thank God for Eric Clapton

  4. Lindsey was the only thing good about the band. he should consider it a blessing that he is no longer with such a long toothed  & haggard bunch. & the fact that Neil Finn has joined the band tells me how desperate that he must be. Neil Finn joining Fleetwood Mac is every bit as bizarre as hearing that Ozzy is joining ABBA ( of course he isn't )

  5. Fleetwood Mac has an army of musicians who are playing most of the stuff offstage anyway, so it isn't like any specific musician would be missed. BTW, they all treated Bob Welch like shit as well.

  6. Forgot to add – Lindsay did 5 FM songs when I saw him 10 days ago. "Big Love, Tusk, Never Going Back Again, I'm So Afraid, Go Your Own Way".

  7. I saw Lindsay in concert ten days ago. EXCELLENT show – really tight band, harmonies and of course, his guitar playing! The news about his suing FM had just hit the airwaves a couple days before the show. . Someone in the audience yells "FLEETWOOD MAC SUCKS!!" He very diplomatically address his situation with FM. I also saw him solo in 1993 and 2006, as well as in 1975 with FM – just a few months after he joined. I don't remember much about that event though!! My favorite FM period were the years prior to NIcks/Buckingham joining – especially the Bob Welsh era. I love Lindsay solo!!

  8. I like how when Lindsey was first approached by Mick Fleetwood to join the band, he would only join if Stevie went with him, and know Stevie is essentially forcing him out of the band, when she wouldn’t be there in the first place without him.

  9. If it wasn't for Fleetwood Mac, he and Stevie Nicks would have starved to death because as a duo their record sales were so bad the record company dropped them. They join Fleetwood Mac, and they are literally frolicking in money.

  10. Stevie Nicks wanted Mike Campbell in the band the minute Tom Petty died. First thing she did 28 days after Tom died was to allow the realise of her Biography (more like a hit job on Lindsey). Do not forget she refused to be on that Buckingham McVie record though they tried for 3 almost 4 years to include her. Apparently she gave an ultimatium to the rest of the band, her (name recognition) or Lindsey (quality music). The band caved to her and a big reason is Mick is once again in financial trouble. This tour is all about money. Neil & Mike are both on salaries where as the rest of the band get equal takes of the proceeds (profit). Stevie has become an old fat bitter Diva who can no longer sing (her voice is monotone) and whose ego is completely out of control. She hates the fact Lindsey has a supermodel type wife, a boy and 2 girls to come home to. Stevie has no one except 2 dogs (3 if you include Mick) to come home to.

  11. Musicares was Lindsey's last FM show in January 2018.

  12. Lindsey sucks, always has plus massive ego! The Mac was a great band before him and always will be! Loose him!

  13. If Lindsey is a grade A asshole why they hell would anyone in the band want to continue working with him when they are in their 70's? I wouldn't. Maybe the juice ain't worth the squeeze at this point. Just a theory. I would just want to rock out one last time and then go buy a house on an Island somewhere and relax for a change. I like their music. I like Lindsey's music too, but I got the strong feeling is extremely hard to work with. People just get tired of it after a while.

  14. Any way you slice it, this was an incredibly bad look for the band. FM just isn't the same without Lindsey. And at this stage in their careers, it really is so sad to think that this is the end.

  15. Very good video. Wraps everything up nice up to date.

  16. The Chain is not a Lindsey song. All five members have a writing credit on it, and the chorus actually comes from a Stevie Nicks demo. Besides, I think both sides have issues. I think Lindsey has a lot of bottled up jealousy towards Stevie because of the success of her solo career compared to his own. People tend to make it seem like the band is being completely unfair towards Lindsey, but I don't really think that is fair. There are elements of that, but I think Lindsey is problematic too and I don't blame them for having enough. I also don't think it is only Stevie doing this. I think Mick would have had a lot to do with it too. Honestly, I would love to hear a new album from the band. I think it could be very good!

  17. Something isn't feeling right considering how well McVie and Buckingham seemed to get along just last year with the album and tour they did together.

  18. Stevie and this band were old in 1990.

  19. To be honest, Lindsey is better off without them. He was the person behind the Fleetwood Mac sound for I remember watching a documentary years ago on the making of Tusk. It was Lindsey who developed all of Stevie Nicks scraps of songs and made them into something special. The man is a true genius and one of the greatest guitar players in the world with his unique style. I'm afraid to say (no disrespect to Neil Finn or Mike Campbell) the spark of Fleetwood Mac has gone and the fire cannot be rekindled. Remember when he left (on his own accord) the last time? Two other peole to replace him (Billy Burnett & Rick Zito) and two dreadful albums, Behind The Mask and Time. It seems it's Ms Nicks wishes to get rid of him. I just wish the other three had the balls to say no and maybe let her go!

  20. I heard early in the piece that Buckingham wanted them to wait for him until the end of 2019. Which if true meant he expected them to sit on their backsides and wait, Given their ages why would they have excepted that.

  21. My take.
    What were the songs of FM that made them known and famous putting aside “Albatross” from the original lineup. Who’s songs contributed most by getting air played via radio or other means.
    Lyndsey Buckingham 4/. Go Your Own Way” “The Chain” “Tusk” “Monday Morning”
    Christine McVie 6/. “ Tell Me Lies” “Everywhere” “You Make Loving Fun” “Don’t Stop” “Say You Love Me” “Over My Head”
    Stevie Nicks 8/. “Rhiannon” “Landslide” “Dreams” Sara” “Gypsy” “Seven Wonders” “Gold Dust Woman” “Silver Springs”
    While there are other good songs on their albums that I didn’t include simply because they didn’t get air play “Songbird” an example.
    So for those that did 14 are Christine’s and Stevie’s songs while 4 are Lyndsey’s

    To change things up at this time in their careers is OK for me. Buckingham seemed to be a pain in the arse at times and I believe harboured a jealousy to Stevie’s overall success that pales his in comparison.

    The biggest concern for the Mac at present is Christine’s voice not Buckingham’s departure.

  22. Oh how quickly Stevie seems to forget,when Buckingham and Nicks wanted to join Mick's band. Lindsey told Mick they were a "package deal only".Stevie owes her whole career to Lindsey.Nuff said. Egos Egos Egos………always in the way.

  23. This is Fleetwood Mac. Drama was probably the original name of the band at some point. Issues like this have been a factor in who Fleetwood Mac are since John and Mick left John Mayall to form the band. It would break character if they all went out peaceful and in a good place and all members together and happy. That's just not in Fleetwood Mac's DNA.

  24. Very good piece and well argued. I've heard others on youtube saying the same thing but not in the reasoned way that you have. I think it is very sad especially having recently seen the mini documentary on the Buckingham/McVie album when they seemed to be getting on so well!

  25. All I can really add to what's been said is this. I have purchased tickets to see Lindsey solo in November, he's a remarkable live performer, and a LOT of the past 43 years of the Mac's success he's responsible for. Not entirely, but certainly the nucleus of a lot very fragile egos, granted amongst a lot of talent. I wouldn't pay money to see this new version of Fleetwood Mac. I feel the reasons are all driven by greed they fired him. It's widely known his cut was more than the rest of the band. Look at his net worth and it'll tell you he's been the biggest reaper of the money. But the others are all rich beyond their wildest dreams and previously were selling a tiny fraction of albums compared to when he joined.

    Yeah Lindsey is probably a massive dick, and control freak. He's always had a bit of "my way or the highway" attitude it would appear. But so what. Who would even care at this point about Fleetwood Mac, without him being the lead of this band for 4 decades? The answer is very few. How many songs can you sing along to on a car ride Lindsey wasn't a part of that come from Fleetwood Mac? To 90% of music fans the answer is ZERO, another other 9% because they discovered those old albums AFTER they purchased all the Lindsey involved ones. I own all their albums, no different for me tho, didn't know any of their songs until well after 1975, I like them all, but it's the Lindsey line up people go pay to see. Look how well the last time he left worked out. We got the barf bag "Behind the Mask" and the even larger barf bag "Time"… Two of the biggest flops from a major artist in the history of music, so good job there!

    Then they kiss and make up and release "The Dance" and it sells 12 million copies. hmmm, I'm noticing a pattern here right?

    Totally dick move to fire him, I hope he wins his lawsuit, gets his piece of the money grab big engine and it funds him for more small engine solo projects for years to come. Been a fan for over 40 years however as far as investing more money for the brand Mac, which it totally has become, no thanks.  Don't bite the hand that's fed you for 4 decades, it will haunt you for the next 4.. The legacy is intact, but at 70 something years old, work it out or call it a day Grandparents. Pretty soon you'll all be dead and wonder where did it all go so wrong in the end. And weather they like it or not, the end is very near.

    My two cents – 🙂 James

  26. Listening to the 'Behind The Mask' and 'Time' albums underlines the importance of Lindsey's contribution to FM. Both are so mediocre. This is a really sad way for a truly iconic band to fizzle out! You'd think at their age they'd have some wisdom. Im not interested in the new line-up and I've been listening to FM all my life.

  27. Hey James, took guts to make a video on this topic. I was going to but decided against it. I think you’re pretty spot on really, I can’t pretend I care too much for all the drama but I think at this point there’s too much bad blood for any of them to progress or grow. Lots of my young friends adore Fleetwood Mac so I don’t think it will hurt their reputation at all but it is a shame to see them go out this way. On a side note I actually disagree with most on the Ellen performance. I thought the chain was acceptable if a little flat but I feel that gypsy was just awful.

  28. In my opinion, lindsey had the right to. They kicked him out unfairly. All a bit childish for me. Take care James. Leo ♌

  29. Also I think the reason why he’s suing is because after he was fired he announced a solo tour and he’s been playing his solo shows while the rest of the band plays under the Fleetwood Mac name and plays sold out shows while Lindsey is struggling to fill venues. Much like what happened with Pink Floyd in the late 80’s when Roger Waters played his Tour at the same time and had to play small venues while the rest of Pink Floyd sold out large areas because they had the name. Lindsey seemed fine with leaving until he realized he wasn’t gonna make near as much on his solo tour compared to Fleetwood Mac’s tour. Money’s the root of all evil I suppose.

  30. From what I’ve heard Lindsey has been tough to work with for many years. It’s unfortunate what happened but I have to agree with Meanmrmayo here. It’s time to move on and let what’s in the past stay in the past. I personally would still love to see Fleetwood Mac on the new tour with Mike Campbell. I hear it’s absolutely incredible and they actually play stuff from the Peter Green era instead of just focusing on the late 70’s era as Lindsey always wanted it so that’s pretty cool.

  31. I don't know all the facts yet, James. Your video is the only one I've watched so far. I think the bottom line for me is that I loved Fleetwood Mac once they got Buckingham and Nicks into the group in the mid-'70s. But their time together is now DONE, and it's okay to move on – let the past be the past. I just think it's very sad to hear them all fighting like this, it really dampens the beauty of their music when you realize how they never got along (even back in the 1970s!). I always liked Lindsey's talents but he always seemed to be difficult (just from what I've heard). Whatever the true reasons are, the whole thing now is ugly.. it's depressing… but just let it be.

  32. Happy upcoming Birthday! My favorite member is Stevie Nicks so I side with her every time and then Christine for me and then Lindsey.Great video and take care

  33. yes I think its  a bit late in the day for Fleetwood Mac to just up and fire Lindsey Buckingham & grab two new guys ,  this is the unfortunate thing that happens to lot of bands , there members start looking at them with different eyes and suddenly start playing the sue me sue you blues ,  the beatles  & pink Floyd   amoung others who did not  leave on the happiest terms , and what a shame  for all music fans ,    and a shame that Stevie & Lindsey and whole band lost focus on the fans them self   I think ,  so now Fleetwood mac has  the two new guys and everything is peaches and roses now , come on , every band has issues but you got to work thru it ,     if Stevie Nicks did think it be better to just get rid of Lindsey Buckingham and bring in new people its stinks that she looked him so disposable to the band , just bring in two new people and continue on business as usual , Lindsey Buckingham was the heart & soul of Fleetwood mac ,    the future of the band is sure a big question mark

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