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[E.P.i.C.] Modern Jazz – Playlist – Vol. 1

Jazz! 😀

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00:00 Feeling Good – Kellylee Evans
04:15 Dave Brubeck – Take Five
09:22 Sophie Milman – No More Blues
12:01 Kellylee Evans – Lose Yourself
17:41 Mop Mop – So High
22:25 Toco – Samba Noir
26:55 Nenna Freelon – Better Than
31:38 Sophie Milman – So Long, You Fool
34:34 Ella Fitzgerald – All that jazz
38:35 Carmen Lundy – So Beautiful
45:12 Yvonne Sanchez – The Girl
49:25 Sophie Milman – Something In The Air Between Us
53:11 Kellylee Evans – Ordinary People
57:16 Alice Russell – Crazy
1:01:27 Diana Krall – Just The Way You Are
1:05:11 Lisa Ekdahl – Only You
1:09:32 Yvonne Sanchez – Old Devil Moon
1:15:02 Overjoyed – Nnenna Freelon (Stevie Wonder)
1:19:36 Sophie Milman – La Vie En Rose
1:23:59 Feel Good, Inc. – Gorillaz Smooth Jazz Tribute
1:27:27 Richard Cheese – Chop Suey

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Comments (49)

  1. This is a nice collection, I just think it is mis-titled. This is an eclectic collection, of numerous genres of jazz, missing some of the more modern selections of which the multitude of choices is delightfully overwhelming. You have some standards here, a variety of vocals, some bossa nova, et al, and what is here is pleasing, even if not representative of the the heading it was given. For someone not familiar with jazz, the title is inaccurate, but as long as a person gets turned on to jazz, a person can go explore by putting in their own search for jazz and can venture forth from there. I was first introduced to jazz by a house mate in college (1975), who had me start with George Benson, and progress from there. She did a great job easing me into jazz gently and then giving me others to explore. I am still exploring both music of today and music of years ago that I haven't listened to yet, or continue to listen to. Jazz is almost never ending in its breadth and depth, with an evolution of its own over the years. I find it still the richest part of the music spectrum, with an almost never ending ability to fascinate, charm, soothe, smooth, move me to dance, to cry, to dream, to love, to touch and be touched. Viva la jazz.

  2. Сладенько получилось, спасибо за вечер!

  3. lot of rapper and hip op but the best music is this, fantastic.

  4. This isnt modern jazz smh clickbaited

  5. I love it!😘 Thanks for the playlist

  6. 1st song's amazing 2nd too an Eminem cover that blows your mind and all's just good better gold wow from there

  7. and who the hell is at 29:10– wowowowowow! I love this woman! Who is she? We need a playlist!

  8. like jazz
    and love "Too Many Zooz-"amazing
    found here on youtube <3

  9. 14:46 song name pls. The song is killing me . I LOVED THAT.

  10. I went from dubstep to edm to electro to electro swing to jazz.

  11. ชอบมาก..ฟังเพลินสุดๆ

  12. Who is the first song. It sounds familiar but it's not…

  13. so sounds like verve stan getz, I thought I'd lost it. Thank you baby

  14. just discovered this. thank you for posting. this is an amazing playlist!

  15. wow this is brilliant to take on the go.. thank you so much for uploading this

  16. i can let my sole fly with this music. love and peace

  17. Great !! Thank you had a great chill out hour 🙂 Happy New year 🙂

  18. who is singing "crazy" at 57:20? Would be awesome to know. Love your playlist <3

  19. Love this!!!! Thank you so much for making this playlist 😀

  20. why the hell does this playlist have so many damn commercials?

  21. Sorry, sticking Dave Brubeck's 'Take Five' does not qualify this as a collection of modern jazz – nice though it is.  Where are the MJQ, Shelley Manne, Mulligan, Miles, Getz, Errol Garner,  etc etc?   ……..

  22. good job bro…. Really good. Thanks. You make my day 🙂

  23. Toco – Samba Noir <3 q dlç vê musica brasileira ai.

  24. this is so good for the soul

  25. Awesome!!!! It's everything that I needed to listen today.

  26. When I heard Eminem on jazz, I discovered that this is a much better version.

  27. I can't watch the video!!!!! And I would like to do soo…

  28. Btw, you earned a new subscriber!

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