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Emma Kelly- The Muse, New Australian country music

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***UPDATE*** See Emma Perform this Friday 13th August, 2010 at Chaise Lounge Melbourne,
email for all ticket sale information

Submitted to Catapult Song Contest (

***UPDATE*** May 16 2010- Emma Kelly has been selected to play on the Atrium Stage at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2011. Check out her music now on itunes.

***UPDATE*** March 30 2010- Emma Kelly’s new independent album “Ladybug” has just been released! Featuring the single ‘The Muse’. Available today! Search on itunes or contact
For more about Emma visit

Singer/ Song writer Emma Kelly is Australia’s best kept country/pop music secret. Our first glimpse of Emma Kelly’s long awaited new album ahead of it’s official release.

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  1. At least she knows she knows show biz is about sex not music

  2. W hat language isnthis? it certainly isn't Australian lingo iv ever heard about.

  3. Good job I'm Aussie and my Aunty is a singer🎀🎀🎀🎀

  4. Weak song. Weak, off key vocals. Cheezy instruments

  5. Great voice you have a new fan .. but get a better director … clip was bad … but hey early days ill be sharing but

  6. Awesome voice and beautiful cleavage! πŸ˜‰

  7. The lady has been rather well put together, to say the least!

  8. very nice tune and style…….

  9. Couldnt tell you what her face looked like πŸ˜›

  10. I did the music thing for about 12 years and I can tell you this lady has a new fan. Don't EVER listen to anyone who tells you what you can't do. I'll be sharing your name.

  11. Enough about her tits, she has an AMAZING voice and is a great songwriter and singer!

  12. Nice voice… But I had trouble understanding wtf you were saying

  13. I wonder if she knew her clevege was gonna show? LOL Maybe I need some in my videos. Gets a lot of clicks.

  14. those breasts…. amazing….. cute voice too. keep it up and alive darl

  15. wow watta hottie love your music

  16. gostei, nao so da sua musica, voce e maravilhosa.

  17. Only clicked on the vid cos of her boobs in thumb tab but what a voice !

  18. fanstastic boobs. sings great too
    out of site voice

  19. You guys got some good tunes over ther in Australia.

  20. lol i made up a ukulele part to go with this

  21. Blackbird is an awesome song.

  22. tits brought me here.. what the hell are you doing in a dam? πŸ˜€

  23. cmg records we or looking for you

  24. Hey, great tune… will be in my car stereo now… with greetings from Germany!

  25. catchy song, great boobs…..

  26. Nice voice, keep going! saludos from PR.

  27. oh my god, this is bloody awesome and since when I started listening to country music since that I am a bluesman.


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