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Eric Clapton – I Shot The Sheriff (Live)

Watch Eric Clapton perform “I Shot The Sheriff” live from Chicago at Crossroads 2010. Originally written by Bob Marley, Clapton’s version of I Shot the Sheriff appeared on his 1974 solo album, ‘461 Ocean Boulevard.’ It is the most successful version of the song, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100

The Crossroads Guitar Festival is a music festival and concert that benefits the Crossroads Centre, a drug treatment center located in Antigua, founded by Eric Clapton in 1998.

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Comments (30)

  1. sensibilidade numa fender top banda BR

  2. Eric & Bob morly both are lying that's they didn't shoot deputy

  3. Nathan East on Bass, right?

  4. Legendaria versión !!!!!!

  5. Nobody can talk about who was better, they only tried different techniques to mimento to play, they just were both and they will be good at playing the guitar.

  6. And then ….there's this guy…happy frickin Pleecostimuss

  7. Nice hair, Rock star 😀

  8. como se llama la corista de la derecha??

  9. ฉันยิงเจ้ากะลา ยิงหม่องพม่า หงายท้องม่องเท่งไส้แตกตาย 555+

  10. 4:04 moment you really really want to shoot the sheriff !

  11. Who the hell disliked this ?!!!!!

  12. Music is all about dynamics… this interpretation is all about dynamics…

  13. It was Billy the Kid who shot the deputy!

  14. Hey that’s Steve Gadd poundin’ skins back there. He’s among the greats. Love his work.

  15. … una gran apuesta de la excelente melodía arreglo excelente Eric – Gracias por la Música !!!

  16. Dónde hay vídeos en que están todos los reyes de las cuerdas?
    Hasta el público es diferente! .

  17. First time in my life that I realized that Clapton's stratocaster doesn't have a tremolo.

  18. does anyone know if this version is on spotify? I just can't find it .

  19. all ofasutton i saw sherrif Dunbrown aiming to shoot I down so I sho I shot the bastard down BOB MARLEY

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