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Eurovision: WTF?

Nearly 200 million people watch it and some countries send their most critically acclaimed acts. Naff and cheesy or fun and loved worldwide – just what’s the fuss about Eurovision?

The Eurovision Song Contest began in 1956 and some people think it’s old-fashioned and corny. But it is the most-watched live music event in the world! Radio 1 Newsbeat reporters Steve Holden and Daniel Rosney explain why that is and how the competition is moving away from its past image. This year it’s bigger than ever, most of the acts are under 30 and some countries are sending their nation’s most successful stars.

Radio 1 looks at the big Eurovision moments as well as the surrounding controversies, speaking to some of this year’s favourites including The Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence, Iceland’s Hatari and Alexandra from Norwegian band Keiino. As well as the 2019 Ukrainian entry, Maruv, who has already pulled out of this year’s finals. And as always with Eurovision, there are a few surprises in there too!

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  2. Hatari fuck you support palestinian terrorism whats wrong with them

  3. am i the only one who skipped most of the video just to see the interview with hatari?

  4. Guess people forgot what country Britain was during voting

  5. So much soy , israhell is not in Europe

  6. BBC and Eurovison suck it hasn't been good in years

  7. I love hatari so much ☺😻

  8. am i the only one who thinks the interviewer's question about whether they take the esc as a joke sounded hella rude as if hatari wouldn't be taken seriously anyway like fuck you matthías and klemens have more glamour than you'll ever dream of they're 2019 icons honestly

  9. Where is Mahmood (Italy) ? :((

  10. Name of this video without abbreviations:
    Eurovision: Welcome To Finland?

  11. When every other comment you see is about Hatari – and not one for the other contestants – it really is mind blowing, the impact they had on people's hearts!

  12. no wonder why they showed eleni foureira when they said that that bring stars

  13. Everyone goes on about Australia, but Israel's in the middle east and have been in the contest for years.

  14. "countries you've never heard of" yikes…

  15. Hatari are idiots. Leftist babies who know nothing about the geopolitical situation in the Middle East and support terrorist regime that oppresses tortures and kills LGBT people.

  16. Eurovision IS a joke!
    I am Swedish, so my view of Eurovision is more important then any other countries. Because Sweden "are pro at eurovision".
    Swedish music SUCKS!

  17. Thanks for this epic video BBC! I hope many people turned into fans after this

  18. America, especially this year, responds with a collective shrug. It is to our detriment though. This annual spectacle/debacle is the very essence of camp with all the political machinations of a G8 Summit thrown in for good measure.

  19. Hatari should have won if not for some overly political people not wanting them to win.

  20. Ban for Island. They should mix politics and fun entertainment.

  21. its also political, no one likes the uk so we get no votes, another example is all the Scandinavian countries vote for each other, its not a real competition, when the countries vote they even say its for their "friendship"

  22. Title: WTF
    Thumbnail: Iceland Lethermens
    BBC narrator/host: What's the fuzz
    :///// What the Fuck?

  23. HATARI❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Still so happy that The Netherlands won omg I'm dead

  25. Palestine doesn't exist… Learn history… It's a fact.
    Palestine was just a name of our area under British mandatory, it was never an Arab state.

  26. “Countries you’ve never heard of” we get it America your school system is utter garbage

  27. dunno why anyone thought its bigger than us was actually a good song, class English eurovision song that had no chance

  28. The English dry humour went over most of the comment section’s head. They aren’t being arrogant they’re pretending they are to be funny. If you got offended over Eurovision I think you need to grow up a little 😱😱

  29. I’m starting to think he’s not acting dumb.. he is dumb

  30. Hatari should once try to support Palestine 

    in Palestine, but not in Israel? It would be nice to see those men in their BDSM costumes, makeup, heels and latex in Ramallah or Jénine. But no, instead they are going to the “fashist zionist state”.

  31. Fuck Israel, not Jews. Their government is worse then Nazi Germany

  32. racist incultivated fucks, if you would have paid attention to the geography class you would know where Moldova is.

  33. Title: Eurovision: WTF?
    Me: so…..what the f-
    Dude: What’s the fuss?
    Me: OH

  34. Never heard of these geyser shaggers.

  35. Man why did the dutch guy win… Ok his song was good but his personality that he showed was just off for me. He wanted too much to win.

  36. Love the flag of Armenia behind you 🇦🇲👍

  37. ,,There are countries you never heard of like Moldova,Georgia and Belarus". Or you've never been in geography class before.

  38. WHAT'S THE FUSS? Hahaha

  39. Jessica Mauboy was Australias weakest entry, you should have shown Dami Im :/

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