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Evanescence – Live performance and Interview – Much Music Canada (2003)

Evanescence – Live performance and Interview – Much Music Canada

Date: December 14, 2003

Venue: Toronto, Canada


00:00 Intro: Countdown
00:53 Going Under
06:17 Bring me to Life
10:29 Amy Lee interview
41:10 My immortal

Comments (9)

  1. I have this recorded on vhs somewhere.

  2. Sexy Amy Lee of evanescene in Toronto ontero Canada late 2003

  3. Whew going under was amazing

  4. Had she said nothing about the pedal I would think she was being creative about the rhythm.

  5. Aw I remember seeing this. I think this was actually the first time I saw Evanescence perform live (on TV, I wasn't actually there). Maybe I can be thankful I got to experience a few years of MuchMusic being awesome before Bell took over, ruined everything and blamed it on the internet instead of sad we'll never have that again.

  6. She wasn't really feeling herself that day… one thing after another kept fuckin up and she had a cold so I liked actually seeing her in this situation. Very humanizing

  7. how's it the 14 of December and she's sleeveless

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