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EXO-Ls Celebrated The Latest Golden Disc Awards News By Trending #EXOLBailedOutOfJail

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Comments (7)

  1. I will stand by exo through all the way hater back off

  2. Thank you for clearing up the confusion and cleaning EXOL s name I thank you

  3. I love how when they said exo-ls cheated everyone was talking about it and especially group b but now that it’s proven the other way around no one is bringing it up
    Thank you for this video

  4. Lately whenever EXO wins a certain fandom starts complaining. 2019 will be a year of fanwars.

  5. All we need is EXO. Forget about the haters. We are one

  6. Thank u EXO Ls for always being patient😊
    It's okay if people around the world want to against us i don't care anymore, i just care about EXO that's all😊

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