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Fascinating Santoor By Pandit Shivkumar Sharma | Hindustani Classical Instrumental Audio Jukebox

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♪ Raga Ahir Bhairav (Gat – Vilambit & Drut Teentaal) ▬ 00:00
♪ Raga Madhuvanti (Teentaal) ▬ 20:19
♪ Raga Hansdhwani (Teentaal) ▬ 36:57
♪ Santoor From Film Silsila ▬ 48:59
♪ Feelings (Folk) ▬ 52:29

Artist :: Pandit Shivkumar Sharma

Label :: Saregama

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Comments (48)

  1. First time hearing this instrument, how beautiful. It is like a harp and guitar mixed together.

  2. Meditative music …just close your eyes and feel it

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  6. Superb. Listening a Santoor is a tonic for the day

  7. Classical instruments especially santoor makes my mind very fresh. I personally believe to remove bad thinking from mind every body should listen this type of good music at least one hour a day!!!!

  8. Fantastic !!
    Can someone please tell me what taal name is played on tabla during santoor raaga Hansdhwani ? From Time stamp 38:00 to 48:00

  9. I really feel sad when uploaders take out time to enlist a hundred “useless and irrelevant" hashtags, but they don't have enough time (or courtesy?!) to mention name of the accompanying artists!

  10. Awesome music from the Maestro!

  11. It's my Fevoret Instrument

  12. What a mesmerising sounds,superb,have you heard it,My Sunrays,good morning,miss u extremely extremely,its also Divine sounds,like YOU,hmm,love YOU.

  13. wow amazing ! panditaji you are the jewels of INDIA !!!!

  14. Divine………….classic music is like a soul ,which is important for existense

  15. I love santoor….. music

  16. who are these 194 people? Seriously!

  17. You can listen to these maestros 1000 of times still you not enough. Each tune is medic.

  18. This is excellent music so refreshing and calming.

  19. ####Best santoor music I have ever listen……..#####

  20. For Raga Hansdhawani who is the tabla usdad and which is the taal is played on tabla to support Santoor… Truely Fascinating

  21. Refreshing our inner soul

  22. simply pure and divine from the God of Santoor !!!

  23. What a continuous connection inculcated in music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so great.

  24. Just a perfect blend of santoor..tabla..n other music instrument

  25. I am listening this for about one year daily, not get satisfaction. Thanks

  26. 😆❤️🕊😄pls। mst। incld all। sensible coments

  27. It should play till eternity.

  28. I am very often enjoying MADHUVANTI by Pandit Shiv ji. Such a great rendition !!

  29. I love to listen Panditji at least before going to bed, it’s smooth my nerves and brain, May God give him a long healthy life. Probhat Mozumdar

  30. Great gift from Almighty God……

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