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Fortnite Season 9 Glitches

Fortnite Season 9 Glitches

Combat Shotgun *ONLY* Challenge (Fortnite) Lachlan


*NEW* PRICKLY POSE EMOTE IS INSANE!! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #556

Credits to Sanad CHECK HIM OUT:

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Video uploaded by Best Trends. (PG, Family Friendly For Kids + No Swearing!)

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  1. Here's some of the Craziest Glitches in Season 9! Comment down below which glitch you thought was the best

  2. Btw it’s the infinity blade

  3. OH WOW,this was hilarious xD

  4. No offense just saying its the infinity blade your not the only one who calls it the infinite blade my freind does as well but that's just my opinion

  5. Best trends: no fall damage glitch

    Shows a clip in creativ

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s Infinity Blade

  7. Can u do something beside fortnite

  8. You just stole someone else’s vid

  9. You know the 20,00 health glitch you can use it in playground and playground fill

  10. There’s got Ethan

  11. Its called the infinity blade not infinite blade 😂😂

  12. Hi I love fortnite good vid

  13. Thx for the creative to main island (;

  14. Yo dude somebody stole your thumbnail

  15. Dude u just steal Sanad's Video.

  16. first person doesn't work

  17. Legit just stole someone’s vid lol

  18. Me and my friend do the mega mall glitch to troll out friends!

  19. First person I got a win by doing that and the under ground glitches

  20. I fawns a season 9glich

  21. It’s not a bloody infinite blade😂😂. It’s infinity blade get ur facts right dude!!!

  22. Shoot your sniper and Scar fast, your sniper scope will stay on your screen and your scar will also stay on the screen and your person will be invisible

  23. Get a life and leave youtube mummies boy

  24. The no fall damage “glitch” is prob in playground with the setting on or in creative

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