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Friends Swap Makeup Looks for a Day

We tried each other’s makeup looks!

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Comments (37)

  1. I and my 2 friends share the same makeup look, none

  2. Turn on captions
    Every time they say the girl with light hairs name it says
    so hot

  3. They both looked stunning! 🙂

  4. anyone see the irony in makeup videos on the AS IS channel

  5. Please do not use your friend's products. Never share makeup. Its so unsanitary and can lead to infections.

  6. does anyone know where to get the morphe 35b, for relatively the same price, in the us??

  7. 2:40 she had better called James out and Twitter ranted about that staining👀

  8. The blonde girl kind of gives me a Kardashian/Jenner vibe with the toned down makeup?

  9. It’s great to see some Australians! More of these two!

  10. Wow my friends never do my makeup as well as they did each other’s 😂

  11. U should swap makeup 4ever

  12. In soviet Russia make-up swaps YOU for a day

  13. You both look so beautiful!!! 💕

  14. My makeup is what most people would call “easy” but it took me 6 months plus to master.
    Just liquid eye liner with a little wing. Natural skin tone eye shadow & nude lipstick with blush 😂

  15. omg don't rub your eyelids like that!

  16. I keep forgetting BF Australia is still a thing.

  17. My duty is to kill destroy all rude evil cops in sacramento and the world. I fight for love freedom and justice. To protect this world from harmful dangerous mean people monsters! Im just helping with you only if your nice and kind. Im doing this for real 50% all for justice and rights. This is not a threat. This is part revenge and for good
    Y es i do work for god and the good side of the government
    Please dont hate or judge my comment

  18. Can we get more videos from the other buzzfeed locations, I miss them

  19. You should not recommend kids to share products

  20. looks at thumbnail IS THAT A FAKE JAMES CHARLES PALETTE?!?!?

  21. In case anyone was wondering as much as I was their instas are:

  22. These girls are so lovely 🌻

  23. they did that girl dirty w/ the thumbnail pic lol

  24. What country is this from

  25. *Sees James Charles pallet in thumbnail* sister shook

  26. what’s the girl with blonde hair instagram ? heart eyes

  27. the pink is staining James Charles is shook

  28. What was the name of the Egyptian color palette? (It is in the featured picture of this video)

  29. suits both of them jn my opinion

  30. The blondie kinda looked like bebe rexha

  31. I would LOVE to do this challenge but my friends don't use makeup i mean I'm like 10/11 and I don't want my friends to ruin my makeup lol

  32. 0:31 "it's glossy lips"
    No type of product on her lips what so ever! 🤔🤔🤔

  33. Am I the only who thinks Sarhaan looks a bit like Isha Ambani? 🙈🙈🙈

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