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Garth Brooks Talks About New Music! (Spotlight Country)

Garth Brooks Talks About New Music! (Spotlight Country)

Garth Brooks is back in a big way.  The singer talks about what fans can expect from his new music, tour, and much more. has the interview and full details.

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  1. Does garth brooks go to church reply by tomorrow at 8:00 please or I might not meet him I really want to meet him like my dad he's one of my favorite country singers

  2. this song does not get enough credit "The Change".

  3. Thunder rolls and learning to live again

  4. Why can't I find any Vevo video's of Garth Brooks songs??? I want to see his official video's for his songs and can't find any 

  5. When it comes to Garth Brooks
    there are too many favorites to mention.

  6. "ain't goin down til the sun comes up" Just putting his greatest hits on the CD player in my car and listening to that makes my day, everyday! 😉

  7. The Legend returns!  I was sorry he retired, but it was for the right reasons — no matter how great a singer he is, being a Father comes first, always.  I really hope that Garth brings the Country back into country music today.  There's too much rock'n'roll in it, "just to draw more people/fans to country music".  If they come, they come.  I look forward to the real country music wrapped around a real story, once again.

  8. I'm very excited!!! Garth is one of my favorite artists of all-time! I would say that "The River" is my favorite song of Garth's. It's inspirational, poetic, and it was the first song I ever learned of Garth's. 


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