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Gay artists face discrimination in country music scene

Drake Jensen and Patrick Massey are two openly gay country music singers who have teamed up.
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Comments (18)

  1. The entertainment industry has always been image sensitive. Stereotypes always sell better in their markets.

  2. If homos can’t make it in country music why is Luke Brian and Jason Aldean and Kenny Chestney making it ?

  3. not only in the country music scene, I am having the same problem with tropical house.

  4. Hi dear bro i lick u i want ur contect no.ple give me.

  5. Ple give me ur mo. No. Bro.

  6. I am a country music fan, and I whole-heartedly accept those artists into this awesome genre. Can’t believe their entire careers flopped because if their sexuality.

    ‘I beliebe you love who you love’ – Luke Bryan

  7. Damn good artist, with a lot of great songs!

  8. Every one in the country understands a cow and a bull, not a bull and a bull ,or a cow and a cow. This makes it hard for you to succeed. It is hard being different than what people accept. Knowing this, be like so many others in show business, and succeed without talking about it??

  9. It's a real shame that conservative bigots are ruining Canada's music scene from allowing talented people to excel. Why do right-wingers hate Canada?

  10. He should give up music and pursue a career in Nascar.

  11. All artists are discriminated against, whaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL! Divisive CBC BS ignore it Canada we are all getting the short end by the politicians selling your resources and the CBC covering for them by dividing normal people into groups they can play against each other not the bad policies and theft. It is formula,.

  12. i feel discriminated because i am not good looking. CBC post that news too. useless disgusting media i am force to fund.

  13. North American auto makers face discrimination by German car lovers.  Blame the consumer.

  14. These guys did not know their market. Eminem would not admit he was a White Nationalist if he was one.

  15. Correlation causation fallacy. Plain and simple.

  16. Just bought one of his Mp3 on Amazon. if had CD would buy that too. He's great. Buy his work. $ speaks loudly in support.

  17. No big surprise. The country music industry and its fans are deeply rural, deeply right-wing, and not inclusive of anything that fits outside its very narrow box. Just look at how the Dixie Chicks were vilified by most of the industry and the fans after they condemned Bush and the Iraq war in 2003. That was 14 years ago, and they still are mostly persona non grata in the industry.

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