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Ghost – Cirice (Official Music Video)

“Cirice” is taken from Meliora, out August 21, 2015.

Directed By: Roboshobo

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Music video by Ghost performing Cirice. (C) 2015 Seven Four Entertainment, LLC and Concord Music Group, Inc. d/b/a Loma Vista Recordings.

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Comments (50)

  1. I'd be the guy in the audience who's just lovin it

  2. Can we have these kids in a movie? Please? PLEASE? They are so unique.

  3. John Wick trailer for an add best add ever.

  4. Rothchild Mask much? Or not to much of much to much? Lmao

  5. Dónde está la letraaaa

  6. Incredible! Damn i love this song!

  7. Looks like a Dario Argento film

  8. This song is a fucking masterpiece of music! One of the best of all time!

  9. Exorcist的な
    音楽はBIack Sabbath

  10. Great song and video!

  11. Who else wasn’t paying attention and thought the title said circle

  12. "Can you hear the rumble that's calling?" I don't think they CAN……

  13. Necroohobic – Father Of Creation

  14. Can't you see that you're lost without me?

  15. Qwe clase de marilyn manson es este sin qwe le hagan protestas los fan religiosos?

  16. Yes the video has Stephen King influences. So what, it's a great song and the video fits it.

  17. Esta chidita la morra de al lado de la niña

  18. I swear I’m gonna play this at my wedding along with Dance Macabre

  19. If my school talent show had featured anything half this cool, I would never have missed it.

  20. 1:20 is when the song starts 😛

  21. 1:53 when the ghoul hits the drum is the best part of the video

  22. Que lindo que dios los bendiga mijitos sigan así, jehova estaría orgulloso de usted, Toby saludame a tu mami
    Imagen de piolin jpg.

  23. Stephen King should b proud

  24. If imagine dragons use distortion*

  25. I dont know why but this reminds me a lot to master explorer😂

  26. behemoth commits suicide after watching this…screwdrivers in their ears were found.

  27. No idea what the song means but it's dope af.

  28. the force is strong with this one

  29. Tellement habitué à la brutalité de slipknot ou system of a down, cette douceur est tellement poétique (sorry I had to speak in my own language to tell my feelings lmao)

  30. This was a suggested video to me on a Run The Jewels video…. what the hell even is this and why’s it so fucking hard and awesome!? lol

  31. Imagine if this kid was a fan or something

  32. 2019 baby still listening and never stop listening 🤟🏻💯❤️🥰😘

  33. With antic-like musical elements, I picture myself finding a casset tape labeled with "ghost" in my parent's attic. While In my hand, I walk to an old stereo, deposit the tape, and play this chilling and exciting music.

  34. Grindhouse is perfection. Gindhouse is the lord. Grindhouse… I'm joining a cult, joining a cult joining a cuuuuuuult. Cut all my hair, clean all my hair, fill me with songs….

  35. This is an awesome song. The little girl is so perfect in this role…love the only parents at the end who stood up and cheered. My sentiments exactly! Wish my school talent shows were like that!

  36. Only the select few will know whom cirice is.

  37. This video has The Beyond written all over it. Love this video!!!

  38. I woulda loved to hear what the kids version was

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