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Glen Campbell: The Death of John Denver Oct 13, 1997


From October 1997, New Zealand television brought Glen Campbell in as a special guest to discuss the passing and career of John Denver, originally aired live on New Zealand TV. In addition to Denver, Glen discusses his own music and sings both John Denver and Glen Campbell CLASSICS

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  1. Only good J. Denver is a dead J. Denver

  2. John was concerned about and tried to save the planet when it wasnt "Cool" to do so. Many of his songs are like poems. The critics who panned him are entitled to their opinion but they missed out on some beautiful songs sung with such a beautiful voice. Glen is honouring a fellow troubedour. I bet they are strumming and singing together up there somewhere.

  3. "Country Roads", is a song written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver. Danoff and his then-wife, Mary ("Taffy") Nivert, wrote "I Guess He'd Rather Be in Colorado" and "Take Me Home, Country Roads", both of which were hits for John Denver. Danoff (from Springfield, Massachusetts) has stated he had never been to West Virginia before co-writing the song.[5] Inspiration for the song had come while driving to a family reunion of Nivert's relatives along Clopper Road[6] in nearby Maryland. To pass the time en route, Danoff had made up a ballad about the little winding roads they were taking. He had even briefly considered using "Massachusetts" rather than "West Virginia" as both four-syllable state names would have fit the song's meter.

  4. He could not get over the 20 something punk boy look so sad. You really liked him till you saw him. He had the best angelic voice ever was.

  5. John Denver don't need anyone to say he was amazing.

  6. You are missed very much!

  7. Calm down people! When was invited to come on to this program at the last minute to pay tribute to John's life and death! Sharif loved a couple of words and Country Roads but he was not prepared to perform John Denver songs! He was in town to do a concert of his songs where Glenn was always well-prepared and professional!

  8. And now Glen is gone too. Love this man and his talent, the world will miss him

  9. It’s river u don’t even know the words

  10. Don’t sound u miss him

  11. Bull shit he should sung leaving on a jet plane John Denver sings it a lot better the peter Paul an Mary

  12. Glenn is so thruthful.John was Rocky Mtn High.I always saw John Denver as a Hippie and not a cowboy type.

  13. John was an Oakie boy, Glenn was an Arkie boy !

  14. Now they're both gone and we miss them.

  15. And now they are both gone 🙁

  16. He is so entertaining on so many levels – thank you for posting

  17. I think I’d rather die in a plane crash than my mind slowly get taken away by Alzheimer’s

  18. Nice place for a parachute joke.

  19. What a wank stain the presenter is….

  20. Glen Campbell was phenomenal. However, this idiot host is a jackass who does not know how to properly ask questions nor listen to such a talented person.

  21. What the fuck? I can't understand this guy. John D? What?

  22. Who are the stupid asswipes who would dislike a video as kind and heartfelt as this one? Glen was one of the nicest guys around!

  23. Campbell and Denver two of the finest musicians of all time

  24. I cried when I heard. So many wrong pieces of information in this on how he died. He didn't die in his by plane it was the experimental plane. And in fact he had been training in it a lot. Although the one he actually died in was a different one than he had trained in. The fuel reserve toggle was in a different place. So … he ran out and couldn't activate the reserve. But there were several inconsistakceies with the information flooding in around that time. He was in deities only by his fingerprints is reported here where it was reported that they couldn't find his body. I wonder what truly happened.

  25. …And now they are both gone :.(

  26. John Denver was supposed to go into space on the Challenger , but the teacher was chosen instead….

  27. Music is a stage art. TV is shit.

    Any dunce can go on TV. Try learning to compose, play and sing music?

    We live in the Transition into a better time…

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