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Gord Downie dies: Tragically Hip singer’s music was Canada’s “secret”

Gord Downie, the Tragically Hip frontman, is dead at 53 after a battle with brain cancer. Downie became a Canadian icon, despite the band never finding mainstream success outside the country.

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Comments (29)

  1. No disrespect, but I've never heard of them – I'm wondering whether poor marketing let them down… maybe they didn't want to be huge – I listened to a few songs today & I put them up there with Midnight Oil, particularly for their stance on Indigenous issues.

  2. Buffalo New York Hip fan!!!!!!! RIP Gordie T-Hip4life

  3. 54 years old here in 2018 and I am just now discovering this band… That is what is wrong with radio. I will be digging further into their music because I read a comment saying they opened for Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and then I saw the Indians given them thanks and that speaks volumes about the quality of what I am about to discover. R.I.P Gord Downie

  4. He was a true Canadian and truly missed but left us with many memories. Thank you Gord😢

  5. Do not go gently in to that good night; rage, rage against the dying of the light
    – Dylan Thomas

  6. saw gord with the group the sadies at the burlington sound of music festival 2 years before he passed, what a show

  7. these guys will always be amazing, song writers, stage , wow, have seen them many times. wow

  8. Your prime minister is an awfully big pussy.

  9. I'm an American Hip fan in Arizona. I've been hooked since they played SNL in 1995, and bought every CD. I saw them in Phoenix in the late '90s at Celebrity Theater. It may be a comparatively small venue, but it sold out and was an amazing show. Had news of their last tour made it here, I'd have traveled to Canada for it.

  10. You belong to us TTH. As you wind down the pines forever.

  11. Well let me tell you as one from the old US of A. Anyone from the US who never saw the beauty in TTH can never call themselves a true fan of music. Being from Buffalo originally , and witnessing many Hip shows I thank you Canada for sharing your beautiful treasure with this Buffalo boy. The Tragically Hip's music will forever live in this guys heart….RIP Gord, you are truly missed……

  12. A remarkably talented man, with a social conscience. RIP Gordie.

  13. It doesn’t matter that much whether Americans discovered them. Canadians loved Gord enough to make up for anything. Remarkable man.

  14. They were beloved in buffalo and filled large venues

  15. R.I.P. Gord. I found you through your Secret Path project and I'm sure young Chanie has greeted you and thanked you for sharing his story. R.I.P. both of you…

  16. Someone has to say something… This is not good music. That is why it has never been popular outside of Canada. I have yet to hear anything by this guy Gord Downie that I think is worth listening to. I would love to be proven wrong. Before you call me an ignorant American, I spent a long part of my childhood in Canada. I love Canada. This just isn't any good.

  17. I'm from Vermont, USA and this one hurt real bad!!

  18. I live here in Oklahoma. I got to see the Hip in 95 at Kemper Arena in Kansas City. They were opening for Jimmy Page and Robert plant during their "No Quarter: UnLedded" tour. I became a fan of the Hip that night. Raising a glass to our neighbors in the Great White North. Believe me when I say, though they might not have "made it" here in the states, there are pockets of us all over the U.S. that miss him greatly, and we mourn with you.

  19. I hope they buried him someplace he doesn't want to be.

  20. I an American from Michigan and been listening and enjoying Tragically Hip music for decades. Rest In Peace to a great singer, songwriter, poet and friend to many. I loved your and your great band mates music for decades. Will be truly missed, how sad, taken too soon. I will never forget you, Gord Downie!!!

  21. Damn Gord I so miss you already…rest in peace good soul and great to my Canadian neighbors to the north.

  22. I can remember for year every time The Hip came up in conversation here in Canada the same question got asked,.."why the hell haven't these guys exploded in the states yet" … we never came up with a good answer … it just made us embraced them all the more as Canada's greatest musical secret …. much love to Gord's family and all you Hip fans out there

  23. As an American I'm truly THANKFUL for having discovered the Hip on FM 96 London, On!!
    Canada, sorry for the loss of one of your National Treasures!!!

  24. He Rest With Ahayah Yashiya*

  25. Sorry to hear about you loss, but an icon never dies
    Save passing over 😶

  26. Rip gord you will never be forgotten

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