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Halsey – Without Me

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Music video by Halsey performing Without Me. © 2018 Capitol Records, LLC

Comments (49)

  1. Obrigado por ter feito essa música

  2. For those who don’t understand. Compare this MV with Him & I, your welcome

  3. I don’t trust anyone I don’t want to fell loves I will want to stay alone I don’t want people taking advantage of me it hurts we cry then we ask people out they reject us or not later on they will take advantage of me then hurt Is cycle of life is just how we are we us humans are selfish that’s what I know I will always try not to to fall for someone or call someone a best friend like if you are with me

  4. Low key looks like g eazy lol

  5. Lmao! A straight Diss-Track to G-eazy…
    let's see if he replies 😉

  6. Polska jest? ❤️🥰

  7. why does it have to be in tic toc😴it just ruins it w cringe videos

  8. To be honest i thought that i was so late like a year or more but actually i am 4 mouths late

  9. Wtf?( 3:20) This girl from the Spotlight clip

  10. She's a very beautiful version of pink for sure. She needs to let that hair grow.

  11. Español alguien enserio alguien?😐

  12. I could have told her that guy was trash just by looking at him. Why do some women do this to themselves so much? Guess it at least makes for good music.

  13. yo vine x videos de gacha life :v

  14. Heard this playing somewhere 🎵🎶 had to come here for it🎤

  15. I am ashamed that I found this song via Tik-Tok

  16. iam coming from Victoria Secret

  17. Im like an alien because thr whole getting drunk and fighting scene makes me sick

  18. Where is the dude with the lyrics?

  19. wow awesome song!!!!!!! Iam in love with it

  20. Sorry hasley i love it but it made me cry but i still love you hasley😢

  21. 👆☝️👈🖐✌💪👍

  22. This song is powerful and hits me anyway but her face at 2:44 where he's shoved her against the wall and is getting aggressive really gets me because those moments are happening all the time where someone is attacked by the person that's supposed to love them, her face was 100% genuine and sincere, you can almost be 100% certain she's lived that moment before, heartbreaking.
    Protect those you love and help them grow, don't stifle or hurt them. If it's real love you're holding something in your hands more precious than gold.

  23. this song is for 1 billion vues!!!

  24. Just watched this for the first time

  25. There's not enough product placement.
    Edit: I still think it's a great tune

  26. you r stuck with beauiful bitch face!

  27. Я обожаю эту машину 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  28. Sono obbligati a sentirla😭è brutta

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