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HAUNTED QUEEN MARY SHIP AT 3AM – Ghost Hunting In A Haunted Ship! | OmarGoshTV

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Tonight we are doing a 3AM Overnight Challenge in one of most requested haunted SHIP locations EVER! The Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach California. It is known to have some of the most REAL paranormal ghost activity in all of the world with over 600 confirmed poltergeists that are waiting for ghost hunting. Sit back, relax and enjoy these real life ghost adventures. We are going to go ghost hunting in a very haunted ship.

Music: “Not Done” Christoffer Nilsson (Epidemic Music)

Special thanks to Eric for the drone shots

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HAUNTED QUEEN MARY SHIP AT 3AM – Ghost Hunting In A Haunted Ship! | OmarGoshTV


Comments (21)

  1. I'm from Long Beach and been on the Queen Mary a couple of times. Spent the night there too, but didn't experience anything paranormal (sadly).

  2. Is abandoned in 2016 cause Mary make it when she die in 2015 in Christmas eve but in January 1 2016 the girls friends didn't find her but in January 2 2016 they closed the back door but not in the first door but they are moneyless now

  3. it would be very very very very very very cool

  4. The door opened when you where sleeping

  5. Somebody started breathing in your room at 23:31

  6. Not that creepy. I was on the Queen Mary in March 2019. For my birthday weekend. She is such a beautiful ship. I was in Awe ♥️ the only paranormal thing I caught while there was in the children’s nursery.

  7. 10:34
    I heard some sort of laugh or something😕

  8. did anyone not notice the T.V?

  9. Ahhhh im so scared of the queen mary! nah just kidding the only thing that makes the mary scary is the ghost…

  10. Why didn't you look at the steamships furnace

  11. When you guys were sleeping a door opened and the bathroom door closed I am certain there was someone else in your room

  12. Around 24:40 when the door shuts, you can see the battery drain in the top right of the screen! The Spirit must of used some of the energy from the camera in order to shut the door

  13. An old ship on water making sounds …….well yeah

  14. That lift I am sure that was ghost

  15. wow that ship does not look scary it looks like a 1932 cruiser

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