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HAWK CBS News Report – KHOU Houston, TX

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News report on Big HAWK, a rapper from Houston, TX Screwed Up Click, who was killed May 1st, 2006.

Rest In Peace
John Edward Hawkins

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  1. 13 years today . RIP HAWK 🦅🦅💙💙 !!!

  2. Rip fat pat and big hawk houstons best rappers along with ghetto boys representing that 5th ward hardy street

  3. Mannn SUC 4life!!! R.I.P hawk


  5. Why is all of these Houston rappers are mysteriously coming up dead…

  6. Fuk the bs rip big Hawkins 4. Ever texas legendary ….rip 32 / dj screw / big moe / fat pat / bigpokey n all the fallen soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. J prince is responsible… I got info

  8. It's almost a rule that anytime these POS local news stations show pictures about something they know nothing about, they get the picture wrong. How hard is it to get the right pics, they couldn't look more different.

  9. Hawk was dealt with Just like Michael Jackson. The music executives couldn’t force Michael into compliance or crush him. Even by making up the the pedophile charges, and other drama. So they had Michael killed.

    Hawk probably stood up to the crooked music executives that wanted to control all of his work, pay him next to nothing, It wouldn’t be available on You Tube. Then after exploiting Hawk for a few years they would have thrown him to the curb broke.

    If he did he pissed off some powerful people. Since he didn’t want to play by their rules and bullshit accusation wouldn’t work; the executives had him killed.

    Let’s call it like it is,
    The deep pockets of the music industry can buy allot of muscle to eliminate witness and other problems. Do you really think the cops are going to care about a black man being gunned down.

    Shit!, if it were some white chick like Taylor Swift. They would have had someone frying in old sparky years ago.

  10. Known Pat since the 6th grade Albert Thomas Middle School……that was a pic of him all day. Smh

  11. RIP HAWK TEXAS YA 👂😪😪😪😪

  12. till this day I'm surprised NOBODY find out who killed him … rt it's 2018

  13. My OG Homie Heath Cliff

  14. My Cousin Meisha Hawkins


  16. Fat Pat picture used for his brother HAWK 🤷🏽‍♀️ get it together. Poor mother loss 2 sons wife and children left to miss him ass we all. I still crying on Swangin song and Miss our G’s … old and proud . I’m children born and raised off Houston melodious sound of music SUC even some Swisha House nothing but love but always been Screwheads and used music flo to teach them school work 😊they are 24 daughter very successful , sons 17 and 14 although painful as soon as I heard they were looking for a fan based I was otw still here and I was a very young mother with a plan I accomplished I often says I’ve aged like my music slow😉……. Undergound Legends🇨🇱💯❤️

  17. News folks always fuckin up shit smh

  18. I got dollars on my mind

  19. It sounded like a Set up. Somebody was out ho get him. Rest in peace hawk Pat. Screw all the ok old school south siders of Houston. H-TOWN 713 SOUTH EAST TO SOUTHWEST BACK DOWN TO MLK! WERE THE ORIGINAL TIMMY CHANS AT!

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