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Here's the Complete Nomination at the [2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards]

Here’s the Complete Nomination at the [2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards]
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Comments (42)

  1. Best New Female Artist







  2. No YG and SM artist so rude of you MAMA

  3. Even tho there's no EXO I will go and support SM artists who are nominated because I like them all except for BoA.

  4. Exo L ,don't worry this is not the only awards show held on earth

  5. No EXO uh boring so i guess MAMA goodbye

  6. We all know that sm and yg has problems with mnet that’s why most of their artists stopped doing showcases at mnet first like super junior red velvet ikon…. if i am wrong sorry

  7. Best Year Of Mama😂😂😂 No YG No SM hahahah no fun

  8. congrtas momoland for being a nominee

  9. I'm really happy to see a lot of my groups on here but the rest of the comments section is right about how weird it is not to have NCT, EXO, and Super Junior. I don't think I've seen any MV/performance from iKON but I think it's safe to say that they're skilled enough to be part of this list. INFINITE didn't get to do much this year but they are incredibly talented as well. On one hand, this gives more recognitions to less established groups (which I would LOVE to happen) but on the other… this is still an award show that is supposed to name the BEST in each category. I'm not sure how other artists would appreciate it if they received awards when there are people that should be there nominated with them but weren't even in the running because of basically politics between businesses.

  10. Ok, i now don't need to waste my time on that stupid award show. Exo ls, let's enjoy ourselves with our babies for their promotions

  11. Best vocal performance group: BTOB.👏👏👏👏

  12. this the worst nomination i ever seen in my entire life NCT is not nominated in dance category…😏

  13. Interesting bit of history! While looking at MAMA's wikipeda I found out this: "In 2009, entertainment companies S.M. Entertainment and Inwoo Production boycotted the 2009 awards ceremony, and therefore none of their artists attended. Both companies said the reason for their boycott was that they questioned the fairness of the voting process. In particular, S.M. Entertainment said that Girls' Generation had held the #1 spot on a music chart for nine consecutive weeks, but the group never won first place on Mnet's weekly M Countdown music show. The company also criticized a mobile poll which required participants to pay money in order to vote."

    So we all know what 2009 was, right? While it is often regarded as one of the best years in kpop that was Super Junior's year. "Sorry, Sorry" was a huge, landmark hit. So SM boycotted. Did they win? Nope. Now the folks that did win that year are legends too, I ain't denying that. But c'mon that was Super Junior's year. They were only awarded popularity awards & overseas voting awards. So in conclusion MAMA's always been super shady & if you don't show up don't expect anything.

  14. No Exo 😟😟 but still gonna support the nominated SM group

  15. Wow I'm kinda stunned Nct not in best dance!! MonstaX not even mentioned or Super Junior!! What is this shit!! Ikon barely mentioned also I hate award shows..

  16. No EXO No Life
    No Exo No "MAMA"

  17. It doesn't matter, But MAMA are you sure about this?. Make sure you are ready to face EXOL.. EXOL is a lil bit harsh. Hayss so sad at the same time happy, we have plenty time to vote exo.

  18. It doesn't matter, But MAMA are you sure about this?. Make sure you are ready to face EXOL.. EXOL is a lil bit harsh. Hayss so sad at the same time happy, we have plenty time to vote exo.

  19. I didn't understand why they put those so called criteria when they didn't follow…
    Mnet:Aww… EXO topped in every category they're in, its so many let just cut off
    Arghh Mnet get some life

  20. A Teen and Good evening..💓💓💓

  21. Attend mama & win awards😉

  22. Sad, not much SHINee and they did so much this year.

  23. Why not NCT127 under Best Dance Performance Male Group ??????? Why ?????????

  24. Vote for EXO-CBX ~BLOOMING DAY…Best Unit Award…

  25. Why is there no "New Female Artist" ??
    I expected to see (G)-Idle

  26. Focus only one EXO Comeback Tomorrow 😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. I thought SM artists wouldn't participate??

  28. No matter how much EXOL say they are going to boycott MAMA and that they don't need them, I still feel sad to see EXO not nominated. They may not need MAMA but it's still a nice feeling to be nominated and win something. It just makes it even more probable that they won't attend. And after winning awards 4/5 yrs in a row, to not be nominated, win anything and even attend is just sad. It doesn't matter whether they win big or not. If that was always the case then other groups would never get a chance. They had their time winning big and it was proud moments. Isn't enjoying an award show, performing for us fans, meeting other artists and still being recognized not enough? Why does everything have to revolve around winning big or nothing. I think EXO are much more humble and satisfied than what EXO-L want for them. Don't mean to offend anyone, I just don't like the whole idea of if they're not going to get what they deserve (ie daesangs) every yr because they are the best in our eyes, then the show ain't worth it. As if the show is nothing if EXO hasn't won. They're coming back at the end of the yr. What can you expect? Anyways EXO are better than that and much more sincere.

  29. If exo doesnt attend , I would be the happiest person on earth😚

  30. Where is MONSTA X ?????

  31. No EXO. No fun. Bye MAMA 2018.

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