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Highlights – Mens hair Summer Trend 2018

Do you like Highlights? In this video we’re showing you how to change the color of you hair & spice it up! Comment what you think about it!


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Sides & Backhead: 7 mm
Top: 100 mm
Top front: 110 mm
Top back: 60 mm

Please let us know what other videos you’d like us to make.




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Ehrling – Typhoon

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♥ Slikhaar TV is a hairstyling channel for men founded by the twin brothers Emil & Rasmus. We give you new hairstyle inspiration every week: Tutorials, how-to videos, celebrity and footballer hairstyles, and professional tips to optimize your hair and overall style.

Comments (39)

  1. ☆ Remember to LIKE + SUBSCRIBE + COMMENT to get the chance to get for FREE the Amazing By Vilain Best Sellers Package that Rasmus showed in the video! ☆

  2. What color should I choose for black hair? The guy in the video is more of a dark/medium brown.

  3. I’m so creative I have diarrhea

  4. Fabuloso ♥️🙌🏻

    Muy buen trabajo! 😌

  5. which colour type u have used?

  6. I love😍 Slikhaa tv so much from Cambodia 🇰🇭

  7. DENMARK is not only the happiest country in the world, it's also one of the most stylish from head to toe!

  8. Good job guys. Romania here. ✂️🇷🇴

  9. the

  10. Following all the way from Texas. Love the products. Because of yall I grew my hair out and started experimenting new hairstyles. I hope I win this package so I can show off your products and introduce it to more people here in Texas

  11. I wish I could get a haircut from you guys, at least I could see your videos and try to win some styling products 🙂

  12. Big inspiration you guys. Has follow you since 2010

  13. Oh my stars and glitters! Another giveaway…:)

  14. Keep going 😘😍😘😍

  15. I would like to win the By Vilain products cuz they are awesome 😉

  16. Hello guys, from some time i am trying to find barber who would cut my hairs to look similar to this but till now no luck, could you make video how to ?

  17. Do zany Malik old hairstyle

  18. I like slikhaar Tv and your products

  19. I like the highlights…..they should’ve been a little lighter. I like your pink T-shirt….very nice.

  20. It's a great proposal. Honestly, I think that it's a great option for someone who want some different and fresh for this summer. I love your job guys, keep in that way✌.

  21. From a man to a new fresh desired man

  22. Has anyone else noticed Emil looks like that Rasmus guy? 🧐🤔

  23. I Like the products would be proud to have them 🙂

  24. I think that the new haircut is very good and the color😍 is very beautiful. You have the best hairdressers and I hope you open a studio in Frankfurt. I would be your first customer.🙏🍀

  25. Emil & Rasmus I am seeing your videos for a long time but I never get bored of your videos because of the creative ideas you put into the videos! You always do great work and if someone asks me that what will be your last wish that will to met Emil & Rasmus!Plz.. don,t think that I have written this to get products of you I have written this to win hearts of you!May God bless you and I wish that you get 2.0 million subscribers as fast as possible!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  26. Hey Slikhaar TV.
    This was another one of the best hairstyle of all time. The boys and girls of Slikhaar TV are the best people at the world. If you make a new haircut video, I always know that it will be the best. You make the haircuts with so many professionality. Its very difficult to say, that one of your haircuts is the best, because you made so many really great haircuts in past and I know that you make even more in future. I´m watching your videos since 2015 and in my opinion you are the best channel on Youtube. Your videos are worldclass!
    My biggest wish is to come to you to Copenhagen and I´m really sure that i will come in future. I will get a haircut from Slikhaar TV and I´m so excited when I think about it.
    But it is still a bit until then. Well I will come to you guys, that I will promise you.
    Best regards from Pascal in the near of Chemnitz in Saxony (Germany).

    P.S. You are the best and I love your videos. <3

  27. HI everyone !!! , I have a problem and I need some advice from you guys , i'm a beginner barber , I learn how to a year ago but now i'm start work in a shop , but I don't have salary because I'm still learning from my ( teacher/shop owner ) and my problem is , I don't know why everytime I cutting someone hair my hands will start shaking like crazy and everytime my hands start shaking the peoples sit on my chair they'll notice and I start to.feel nervous and that'll make me shake even more and after the cut those people said to me and to my teacher that what happening to me , why your hands shaking like that and after that my teacher talk to me , he ask me why my hands shake when i'm cutting peoples hair and I really don't know how to answer to that question and some peoples will making fun of me because of that , sometime I just wanna giving up on barbering because everytime someone question me about my hands I'll start to feel sad and embarrassing about that , helping me out you guys , any advice will be great to me , should I giving up barbering and find another job , I really don't know what to do now , i'm start to feel hopeless on barbering .

  28. I just love watching your videos and hairstyles….lots of love from India…😇😇😇

  29. That was a great summer style. 😀

  30. Been watching your series since the Lee Min Ho hairstyle that you guys did, even though i didnt subscribe yet i still check on your account every 2-3 days. Anyway aesthetically pleasant haircut as always, keep up the good work – warm regards from Malaysia here 😀

  31. Need to get my hair on point bro

  32. Amazing, keep up the good work!

  33. Best men's hair channel in the world!

  34. 😍⛧⛧ Gold digger By Villain is my Daily product for Best days ❤

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