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How Major Design Trends in Video Games have Developed over Time | Draz

There are many different design trends in the video game industry that can be traced throughout the past several generations of gaming consoles. Let’s take a look at some of the major ones!

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Atari 2600 Gems – Kreg Steppe –

Genesis Does What Nintendon’t – Vintage Computing and Gaming –


Pokemon Red Version Remix – Rain Prayer – PROTO-DOME
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Phantasy Star Online Remix – Ragol Weather – zircon
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Remix – Great Canyon – ElectricMudkip and Laura Platt (Pl511)
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“Pamgaea” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Overwatch Remix – Trailer Theme Orchestral Remix – Laura Platt (Pl511)
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Game Footage:

Mirror’s Edge footage captured by Chris Chapman.
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Battlefield 1 footage captured by Phendan.
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All other footage captured by me.

All video game console/logo imagery and music rights go to their respective rights holders.

And thanks to HamatzuGames for helping me (attempt to) pronunciate “Persson” correctly!
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  1. Cave Story isn't really a metroidvania.

  2. That music at 1:11… what is that?

  3. You deserve way more subscribers

  4. This vid was probably made before the boom of the type, but Souls-likes are becoming more prevalent and popular nowadays, and it basically popularized a new death system in most games out now as well.

  5. I do believe two of the first games to use free running beside Assassin's Creed were inFamous and Red Faction: Guerilla. And the raising/battling monsters thing was first popularized by Monster Rancher in 1997, a year before Pokemon's explosion and three years before Digimon gained popularity. Both quickly outshone and buried Monster Rancher, with Digimon soon after dying alongside the rest of the Tomagotchi trend. Sometimes the trendsetter isn't the first, third, or even tenth to try that particular idea or combination of ideas. Does anyone remember the obscurity of WarioWare's concept at the beginning? After the second game was released, suddenly minigame compilations for the DS and PSP were everywhere for a few years. Or the inexplicable explosion of Heroes Of The Storm and the trading card games it's spawning right now, despite games like Yu-Gi-OH! and Culdecept having been out for years.

    With games you can't predict a trend, and sometimes you can't even recognize it until it's almost over or it's already ended because the trend could be one of the smallest components of the game. It's one of the weird things about videogames that sets them apart from all other media. In films, TV, or music you can recognize something that's part of a trend, because the popularity it brings is the reason why that piece of media is being made. When the trend is over the ideas from it are abandoned immediately. In videogames the trend is usually an idea that people experiment with and flesh out before relegating it to a lesser role. It's never really abandoned after it hits big, it quietly takes it's place in the background.

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  7. Hey man, you've got some really good production value going here! Subscribed and can't wait to see more!

  8. I foresee your channel getting VERY popular

  9. I would argue that uncharted has just as much to do with free running as assassin's creed. The first game in both series came out in November 2007. The only difference is that uncharted is more linear in its use whereas assassin's creed has an open world approach. (Speaking of which, open world is a trend that has been huge in the last few years and I'm sad he didn't bring it up)

  10. I never get it with KELEKT A THANS as you say.

  11. Draz should have like 10,000 subs

  12. 632!!!!! I thought you had at least a few million!!!! 633 subs now!!

  13. 2:33 Nintendoes what Genisisnt't

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  15. We need more platform games on the new consoles.

  16. The Genesis came out two years before the snes and it was actually only competitive for one year after the snes came out.

  17. I had the sega master system and it is still my favourite 8bit console to this day.

  18. I'm surprised that people don't mention the Sly series when talking about parcore, it even did the, "things you can interact with are a bright color" thing before Mirror's edge. It might have even helped popularize the mission based structure of most games today. I feel like it doesn't get the credit that it deserves when it comes to modern design trends.

  19. I'm sorry but you lost my intrest with your lack of enthusiasm and what sounded like your lack of caring for the video. and this is coming from a person who likes to listen to documentaries and videos that give out information.

    how you could improve your videos is to make it sound more interesting, by make in your voice more preppy rather than monotone. take a hint from extra credits on how you can make the video sound better and more appealing to people.

    no this isn't a hate comment.
    yes you lost my attention at 5 minutes in. and I wanted to listen. sorry

  20. you didn't ever talk about uncharted for free running

  21. Ah..a good video to watch after raging at metroid prime…

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  23. What about Open world games

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  26. nice video keep up the good work maybe your channel will be as big as some of the other channels one day. can you actually talk about the whole quality versus quantity debate for your next video?

  27. I LOVE NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I'm glad this was an ad, I always need more of this in my life, keep up the good work

  29. I expected open world games to pop up, I'm seeing many of those now.

  30. I am so happy that I clicked on that ad, this is an amazing video from an amazing youtuber.

  31. I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel kinda like this that talks about the "science" behind pop culture and internet culture trends. I LOVE the style of your videos and I want to base my vids off the style you adopted. I thought it would be good to ask for permission to adopt your style because my channel will kinda be like yours. Also, are there any tips on making videos like these and where are some good channels that offer good game footage I can use? Thanks!

  32. i swear im so interested in game design and when i saw this i clicked on it so fast

  33. I'm always interested in more discussion about game design

  34. This is great,you should keep it up! (I found this from an ad)

  35. I think I knew none of the facts you mentioned at the end, haha. Super cool video! Well edited, spoken well and interesting topic. Just subbed to the channel! Btw, you recorded all the other game footage aside from the fps one? That must've taken so long!

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