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How Realistic Fake Foods Are Made For TV And Movies

Movies and TV shows tend to use real food when they can, but there are a number of times when they need something fake. We spoke with two fake food artists who specialize in making custom, inedible treats for restaurants, trade shows, and Hollywood.  Here’s how fake food props are made to look so delicious.

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Comments (49)

  1. Is it just me or does it look delicious?

  2. She touches it with her bare hands

  3. Don't really like Lisa, she seems uppity 🙄 Especially with her credentials and skills 😒

  4. my eyes are hungry…
    looks at food pictures
    yummy yummy in my eye sockets!

  5. Honestly when he showed the cake I gagged cupcake or cake and pizza is a no no 😒

  6. I expected those pie faces in movies are real 😂

  7. When i was a kid..i see a delicius burger at an ad.. sees it in real life DAD I DONT WANT IT

  8. Fake foods are perfect for…….


  9. The food is fake like my life😆💀

  10. What going happened when you thought this is the good food

  11. I almost ate the thumbnail.

  12. I am a simple potterhead.
    They show a clip of a HP movie.

    I continue to watch.

  13. I always love watching these kinds of videos

  14. Whats rubber and stickey?

    A stick

    Lady: Oh no that’s wrong it’s a fake food donut!

  15. Ey cookie monster…

    I think your eating glass

  16. Next episode: FAKE ANIME FOOD

  17. Kids! Breakfast!

    To be continued…

  18. One time when I was a kid, my mom bought these fake apples and I thought they were real so I took a bite of one and instantly regretted it lol

  19. I would atleast try it

  20. Imagine eating these stuff…

  21. Why do it look so better then real food

  22. when he said: "dont take a bite because-" I thought he was gonna say, "Because you will die." LMFAO

  23. 0:14 okay but Ron just tore everything UP in the Harry Potter series.

  24. INSIDER is killing it with the content lately

  25. i think i found my dream job.

  26. What if you gave an African kid one of these

  27. This is the best job ever

  28. There was a cat shit scooper

  29. Did you know in Big Bang theory they use REAL food

  30. If I'm being honest I would never be a fake food artist because I don't wanna be hungry all the time🤤

  31. yum… screms in anger that they are fake

  32. Man I don't care if it's fake I still wanna eat it

  33. This plastic sure is delicious!


  34. "it only a feast for your eyes"

    Yes because Im broke and cant afford it

  35. I would totally eat that if I saw this, and die

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