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How This Woman Blows Record-Breaking Bubbles | WIRED

Melody Yang and her family hold numerous world records for their bubbles. She shows us how she makes some of the fun creations from their stage performance, the Gazillion Bubble Show.

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How This Woman Blows Record-Breaking Bubbles | WIRED

Comments (50)

  1. I used to do this stuff. Most of this.

  2. No, she can't blow the elephant one

  3. how many bubbles have you blown?
    her: yes

  4. >puts you in the moment
    >takes you back to chidhood


  5. 6:35

    Ladies and Gentlemen… We Got Em

  6. What soap does she use?

  7. She's been blowing bubbles ever since she was a little kid…. I don't understand why nobody's asking why Bubbles isn't in jail?

  8. U r luking like angel playing with bubbles

  9. Meh name is melody so does that means I love bubbles now
    Jk I am stupid

  10. You could be a billionaire if you sold weed out front of these shows!

  11. I think spongebob is her dad

  12. Who else makes bubbles in the shower with shampoo? 😂

  13. My brother can make a bubble with his mouth and then put it on his tounge and blow it into the air

  14. People: so what do you do?
    Her: it’s complicated

  15. i legit thought that was demi levato

  16. I am a professional at this in the shower

  17. Now I realized bubbles r one of the best things to play with now

  18. Pretty sure that's called cigarettes

  19. Isn't it sad that bubbles have a short life they were just born then pop they dead

  20. That’s great! She’s almost as good as spongebob

  21. i see it i like i want it i dont got it yet

  22. S H E B L E W S Q U A R E B R E A T H S

  23. Wow!! SCIENCE is so amazing!! 😍😍

  24. "I don't know the ingredients, my dad knows it!"
    Ya ya we know that you don't want to tell us your "SeCrEt" formula!!

  25. When paying more attention to bubbles instead of science pays off

  26. Today I learned that bubbles need good food

  27. One of the cleanest careers

    Idk that didn’t make sense 😂

  28. Me when I'm in the shower and making a bubble on my hand

  29. Ill just blame the tap water for not being able to do this…

  30. Secret formula?


  31. My name is melody! She stole my name!

  32. Many long-lasting-bubble formulas include a lot of sugar in them to hold the shape without it breaking/erupting. Idk why but I remember one day I 2as in London and I asked the guy blowing huge bubbles how they stayed so big and didn’t burst a easily and he said it’s because he put sugar in the formula.

  33. Us boys know how to do bubbles with hands you use soap and water and make the ok sign and blow boom bubbles

  34. Chemicals in tab water, haha americans

  35. K now we need a tutorial on how to make that bubble solution

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