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Humans Need Not Apply

Support Grey making videos:

## Robots, Etc:

Terex Port automation:

Command | Cat MieStar System.:

Bosch Automotive Technology:

Atlas Update:

Kiva Systems:

PhantomX running Phoenix code:

iRobot, Do You:

New pharmacy robot at QEHB:

Briggo Coffee Experience:

John Deere Autosteer ITEC Pro 2010. In use while cultivating:

The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot:

Baxter with the Power of Intera 3:

Baxter Research Robot SDK 1.0:

Baxter the Bartender:

Online Cash Registers Touch-Screen EPOS System Demonstration:

Self-Service Check in:

Robot to play Flappy Bird:

e-david from University of Konstanz, Germany:


Empty Car Convoy:

Clever robots for crops:

Autonomously folding a pile of 5 previously-unseen towels:

LS3 Follow Tight:

Robotic Handling material:

Caterpillar automation project:

Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics:

Introducing WildCat:

The Human Brain Project – Video Overview:

This Robot Is Changing How We Cure Diseases:

Jeopardy! – Watson Game 2:

What Will You Do With Watson?:

## Other Credits

Mandelbrot set:

Moore’s law graph:

Apple II 1977:

Beer Robot Fail m2803:

All Wales Ambulance Promotional Video:

Clyde Robinson:

Time lapse Painting – Monster Spa:

Comments (21)

  1. I guess one of the positive thing of robots taking over is that we can have more opportunity for jobs for entertainment and pleasure alone, if thats good or bad

  2. I don't have an opinion about replacing other white collar jobs, but the legal system DESPERATELY needs some automation.

  3. let natural selection do its job – SURVIVAL OF THE STRONGEST

  4. well… we're fucked

  5. But if all jobs were gone no one would be able to buy anything so the rich people need the working class

  6. 5:46 me, a german: Yeah, we should probably call them Autos to distinguish them from normal cars.

  7. I guess I can take out a loan and buy a bunch of bots to make me money

  8. The problem is if no one has a job then no one will buy

  9. The raw logic is sound- but capitalism is what will necessitate the inventing of new jobs for humans. tech may ensure abundance and efficiency in most things with far less humans required but since capitalism is loathe to distribute resources to people without money, new jobs will probably be invented in order to provide opportunities for people to sell their labor for $$$ (regardless of the actual usefulness of that labor). The only alternatives are changing the economic system to something that doesn’t generally distribute based on price and market logic cough socialism cough or we could let humans go the way of the horse (shrinking the population to a level more appropriate for the number of jobs for them and the amount of resources we’re willing to devote to them)

  10. One job still persists: programmers
    if programmers get replaced its basically matrix so no

  11. Speaking as someone in microchip production… saying "never needs maintenance" in some of those ads is ABSURDLY bunk. We can definitely automate error detection (we're already there in fact) but even remotely trying to automate the maintenance process is absolutely absurd because it's turtles all the way down – now you need a dedicated maintenance bot for when the first maintenance bot detects an error in itself, and so on and so forth.

  12. Yeah but think about it this way, when robots almost completely replace us, the new fad WILL BE humans running restaurants. Think about it, like horses, the less jobs FOR horses or humans, the more in demand they'll be. Like mommas home cooking, now that there are restaurants everywhere, home cooking is more popular then ever.

  13. Sooooo we all won't have a dob?

  14. Cancel IP rights if you want to avoid complete alienation

  15. Oh come on guys! Roberts have been around for 2,500 years! They just started out as steam powered toys and intimidation of power to the point of replacement! I’d say we got a good 2,400 years before they permanently and entirely replace us!

  16. 4:41 When did they start putting flashing lights in vending machines?

  17. Why not pay everyone a sufficient universal basic income so those who are "unemployable" can spend their time doing something they're passionate about?

  18. If robots are gonna take our jobs does that mean we don't have to go to school anymore? If so then yay

  19. At some point we i think will understand the impact of technology. If this situation escalates to an ideal position where the jobs are 0 and machines are 100? Who earns all the money?

    Ok we take the condition 2 people are annhilated and robots took over. Do u think the last human alive didnt realise? He/she/they wud hv realised it at some point. The civilization wud have. Ok bot conspiracy

    Bots if they do conspiracy are intelligent and have overcome human problems: desire failure and ambition which is most of the time their fault. So why wud bots want to take over? They dont have motivation to orchestrate a conspiracy to wipe people out overnight. Do bots have feelings? Desire passion and sadness? Boom we are bots with feelings. Thats what humans are. If they have a motivation they are likely to have weakness. Why will a bot want to continually exist if it has certain feeling? Does it want to enjoy continously? Isnt doing anything continously boring? Besides we have built bots to overcome these

    Ok condition 4 one person has all bot remote in hand( a few humans to meet his needs) but is he really happy? Would one like to hack a game completely and then complete it without trying hard? There are no motivations in such endeavour

    P.s crap this is long i could write a story based on this but please let me know where i have gone wrong. Because i cant comprehend everything. Maybe it is possible that automation is coming in way that we could never comprehend

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