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I GO DYE ATTACKS PRESIDENT BUHARI (Nigerian Music & Entertainment)

Comedian I Go Dye attacks President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria in this new piece. Watch the video brought to you by JUVENIS. Drop your comments, questions, suggestions and subscribe to our page for regular video updates. For more details, click: *BBM: 563F760D *WhatsApp: +2348095463017

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Comments (32)

  1. I go die u are very good in words ur mouth too sharp omenh.

  2. Poor men's noise got nothing to do with big men ears,they are ok with increased by wealth but poor man go looking for something to eat after making hell of noises. Nice comedy is what the looters says after watching,because it doesn't matter or change their ways to loot the more. Tks.

  3. lol. so funny and true talk

  4. the president Buhari still alive

  5. You Have Made My Stomach Filled With Happiness Boss I Go Dye 👏Perfect Joke Done

  6. honestly I love this guy

  7. lol so funny…i don laugh tired

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  9. you are just too good, i go dye

  10. i go die is a great comedian no doubt

  11. lol 😂 funny you I go die

  12. I go dye keeps it funny and kicks knowledge at the same time.

  13. he is so gud i love you i go die!!!

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