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'I'm a little Alma, not a little Mozart' – BBC News

Alma Deutscher wrote her first opera at the age of seven, a violin concerto at 9 and this year her full length opera of Cinderella will be premiered in Vienna. She is just 11.Alma told Today programme presenter Sarah Montague about how she writes music and the comparisons with Mozart.

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Comments (26)

  1. Ok well I started playing the kazoo at 1 month old

  2. Very I N T E R E S T I N G

  3. Her vocabulary is really impressive. She possesses a higher level of vocal articulation then the average American adult. Her musical talents touch deep and are moving and inspiring.

  4. The connection that is often made to Mozart should be pretty obvious to all. Alma from the very beginning had a propensity to improvise or change existing music around, by incorporating her own melodies into it. Whether or nor Mozart is better, different, or whatever is besides the point. Rightly or wrongly, both Alma and Mozart are often known for their love of improvising existing music with their own melodies.

  5. And she can speak perfect English 😂😂

  6. Mozart!? No way she is fresh to Classical music! We will see her evolution as one of the greatest composers of this era. She is creating with the instruments she dominate so bit by bit she will get to the Bartok size orchestra. She is not searching for the philosophical and technical aspects of music. She is like the greats, Mozart for example, looking after the beauty of music and it's redemptive quality. We need her, we need her pure heart to be translated into sound, texture and melodies. With her pure passion she has brought Hope to the musical world when sound became a window for the soul of youth in this strange devaluated 21st century. ¡Viva la música!¡Gracias Alma!

  7. Though I adore her music, Mozart is one of the few I wouldn't compare Alma with. I feel that she compares favourably with many of the other greats!

  8. A true prodigy, however not a little mozart. XD

  9. For those less well- informed journalists, Mozart was quite a mathematician ;Alma on the other hand , by her own admission isn't. Moreover, Mozart was also able to conceive a whole symphony in his head and flawlessly write it down faster than a professional copyist !
    Both composers I admire enormously.

  10. When I was a kid her age, I watch dragon balls then find my energy and imagine that I'm a super saiyan

  11. Little Alma big talent and lovely.

  12. i can write step on legos for five minutes!!!! When i was never years old/.

  13. She speaks like a genius

  14. Am I a prodigy i never played a instrument before but once I saw a saxophone I played like a professional same with the piano learned it in under 2 min

  15. I’m going for grade 3 violin but I’ve never done grade 1 & 2! 😩😩😩😩 Help me!! I’ve only ever done grades on my trombone lol

  16. If only it was as easy as swinging a skipping rope around your head!


  18. I started walking when I was 2.
    Started running when I was 3.
    And they told me I was SO smart.

  19. Alma means soul in spanish

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