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“Island” – Chill Rap Beat Free New R&B Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018 | SeriouzBeats #Instrumentals

#683 – “Island” – Chill Rap Beat Free New R&B Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018, by Dutch producer SeriouzBeats. #Instrumentals | 💰 Purchase (No Tags) ➜

📷 Photo by Sean Johnston.

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “Island” by SeriouzBeats.

This instrumental is free to use for non-profit use. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Comments (42)

  1. Show some support! Leave a like & comment! 
    Let’s see who has the best lyrics!

    This beat is available here –

  2. Can I use this beat I'll give you credit as producer

  3. I had to stop lying to myself
    About trying to be felt
    By these liars crying “Hell”
    In a blizzard
    Really you be landing
    In a deal
    Where you standing in the still land
    Deserted in the real
    Like a lizard
    But it’s time to wake up
    And I ain’t sleep talking
    Walking on the moon
    Forward keep your eyes
    Dotted crossing
    Often tied in a knot
    While my mind in a block
    My shine fallin off
    While I rhyme off the top
    I’ve been trying to enlighten
    These souls
    That are lost
    But god damn
    I got memories
    You forgot
    And you got a few I need
    See it in the ink I bleed
    When I was told that my faith
    Was awake in the unseen
    Now I just pray it ain’t a dream
    I’m just waiting on my team
    And I know that it ain’t too late
    To save the ones who can redeem

  4. How recently found your channel and was wondering if your beats where ok to use in YouTube videos? I’ve been trying to find a chill vibe kinda sound (to much pop music that’s for youtubers I can’t stand it) this beat is exactly what I was looking for. Just wanted to make sure if it’s ok with you?

  5. If my love is worth anything
    You’d be penniless
    You asked for some proof in the world
    That we exist
    I asked if you knew yourself
    As the only evidence
    As Heaven kissed the ground
    The son of manic found
    His soul that ran around
    Universal playground
    The angel fallen down
    The calling of the crown
    If love’s what he’s about
    Then love is running out
    His soul can take no more
    Asking what it’s all for

    I don’t know, I don’t know
    I don’t know why I do this
    Why I make music
    Will never get as much hits as lucas
    I don’t know what it’s for
    Gave the whole world my soul
    And it’s asking me for more
    I got nothing anymore

    I got nothing anymore
    I got nothing anymore
    I got nothing anymore

    So I just accept it all
    Cause there’s nothing left at all
    No more questions
    No more answers
    No more lessons left for ya’ll
    No more second guessing whether I’ve been messing with you all
    No more testing Heaven
    My confession
    Is I left it all
    Up to you
    Don’t fuck us all
    Asking please don’t fuck us all
    Cause I am stuck between these walls
    Please don’t ask me what I saw

    I have nothing left to say
    I have nothing left to say
    Cause she wants me for my soul
    That she knows I gave away

    Please take care

  6. Awesome beat with awesome bass and dope drums man!
    Let me know what you think of mine 😉

  7. Laid back on a island/ Lil bad b*#ch from Thailand/ her face is so mesmerizing/ she got me high like a pilot/

  8. I need you as a producer♂‍🤷🏽♂‍🤷🏽😎

  9. you da only one i need it's just me and you you and me without you don't where id be

  10. All my lady's put ur hands up take a toast for your x tell that nigga boss up all all my niggas run them bands up take a toast and remind them they the one that lost else

  11. why does my dad beat me

  12. The only contract I signed
    Was to contract
    I spit facts like these words print
    In fonts that are written like sonnets
    I’m on Max but minimal
    Honest, subliminal
    Long live the vision of a complexing criminal
    What’s a thief to a man who needs bread for his daughter
    Cause when the Devil called him
    He had nothing to offer
    What’s a chief in the mist of reign that drowns in the waters
    Cause when the Devil called him
    He said this for his Father
    I’m a long lost soul
    And I feel my feet hurt
    But I don’t need the tempter
    Whether or not he cursed
    The dirt of our Earth
    The words of the church
    Is not good enough for me
    I need to be rebirthed
    And he waited for response
    But God knows he ain’t ready
    Cause he glows in the emptiness
    Of foes that he envies
    So he prayed for a new season
    With more hope in his heart
    So when he rebirthed his soul
    He could rebirth his art

  13. Love this beat, hopefully will produce something on it. I'll let you know

  14. I can hear young thug or future spittin to this

  15. Dope beast bro I subbed you and liked .Sub back check my page salute

  16. This is amazing!! Great work fam! 🤘

  17. Don’t try to talk if you do I’ll just walk hanging with my bro skipping on the hoes I just want dough feeling this flow I could go on a roll but this takes a toll, I see this beat spittin heat running out time so I need to rhyme on a dime but that’ll take

  18. Damn,it’s doope man🔥🙏🏻

  19. Very Good 😊🎶🎵👍🏻

  20. No likes or Dislike just subscribe

  21. Castaway
    So I can't stay
    Wrapped in black
    Shroud that's wack
    Alone and cold
    In my paradise dome
    As I grow old
    On my Island home
    You can leave me be
    Throw me out
    But these haters on me
    I blow it off like juul and shout
    Smoked worse than burnt bacon
    But unlike you pigs, I'm not faking
    Keeping it real
    Like an uncut photo real
    No photoshop
    Just streaks like snap
    Media can hate in that damned workshop
    But I ignore and keep up the rap
    A game I can't just stop
    Like Fortnite
    Its addictive meaning rap nonstop
    All through the night

    As I live alone in my paradise dome
    By myself on my Island home

  22. Ima play this beat every morning 💯

  23. benakacrazedshortlyrics//some days i just want to retreat, on a far away island feeling the breeze. with my women like this exactly how it was meaning to be a rap legend just smoking the trees and to those before rest in peace always gave me something i was yet to be teached. whole life surrounded by these haters and thief's disbelief to believing im free self belief learning the need……

  24. funny i was just playing farcry instincs whitch takes place on an island

  25. My mind's an island, it's private
    To find it takes pilots
    They say roses are red
    I turn them violet with violence
    I'm fresher than a piece of orbit chewing on trident that has triple the double-mint and 5 strides inside it
    Life's a shirt and you'll dye
    I'm like dirt in your eye
    Can't make me go away I just get worse when you pry
    You age like a cabbage and I'm the corned beef and rye
    Can't catch up to my mustard, better sauces have tried

  26. I love your beats man I use them on my youtube videos !

  27. Really cool instrumental, bro!🎳 Amazing!!🎯

  28. Yo i been stuck on this island for way to long, is there any way i can get this weed out thats stuck in this bong. This island's warm at night, like a mighty dragon blowing flames on a cold winter night. I been dreaming of the day i finally get off this island, but i feel like it aint gonna happen. I feel like its been forever since i've seen my mother, shes probably in heaven by now. I dont want this to last forever, so whatever i do i hope it aint last thing i do.

  29. Let's kick it with the kids for a minute and tell them the statistics of the bew generation because apparently I'm old school when I rap bars like Eminem well I ain't that talented but I won't take it for granted I will thank you for the compliment and be on my way better stay away when I'm on my game my fame ain't got nothing to do with I'm gonna say

    First off thanks for my man Ruiay for making another banger now I gotta murder this track and put it through the ringer spitting lyrical bullets like a gunslinger cuz I'll topple off the top and then a martyr gets murdered cuz I put the hit that got him killed witnessing skill and saying he gonna come for me and sent a message that had my spine in a chill

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