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It’s not okay to be white in Australia

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It’s not okay to be white in Australia. Regards, 🐻


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Comments (45)

  1. It just sunk in that a few people on the internet tore apart the Australian government. Christ, I see how it is Australia. Hating white people

  2. Well damn. I did not know strategy went in to that. Well played poster people

  3. love your channel bruv, wish you’d post more often.

  4. Hopefully our Aussie brothers don’t fall into the liberal black hole like the US is 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺

  5. If you really want to see the media going mad it should have said it's okay to be straight white male then they'd really lose it

  6. Nice virtual onion browser

  7. Amazing how these libtards self hate! And love all other colors abc culture! These asshats can piss off!

  8. The globalist, NWO wants this stupid divisive topics to keep control and take away freedom of all people!

  9. It's not okay to be white anywhere. That's why I identify as purple.

  10. Dude I moved to Sydney 4 months ago, and I can really feel this SJW bullshit getting outta hand. Being a brown guy, I've tried countering a few of these cucks but they just hurled (surprise surprise) racial slurs at me, saying I should apologize to brown people because I'm not picking the correct side… Because I'm an apologist for the white patriarchy (I know, wtf right?)… Think I'll finish my studies and gtfo while I still can.
    The fact that they decided what I MUST think and say because of the colour of my skin, is so racist, but they don't realise that because they think they're fighting for minorities. The irony burns so hard…. Dumb cunts

  11. Is it true that in australia most people are immigrants?
    If true: that means you're a minority and you get to whine and say racist things to non-minorities

  12. Why are politicians and media so anti white though? Forget the hippies who dont work who cry for progressiveness who dont live in the real world they live in a bubble.. But why politicians and fake news? Is it to push liberal agenda? Is it to get more votes from minoritys in their party?

  13. White milk is racist. Chocolate milk is racist. Funny thing is when idiots use the term racist they don't even know what it means. They think they are using the definition of prejudice.

  14. I don't care if you're black.
    Or woman.
    I hate you all equally.

  15. Wow, good for her. a Greek? really? he's not white apparently…?

  16. The only people that believe in white supremacy are white supremacists.

  17. As an Asian,I want to say thank to Australian white people for building this beautiful country and opening the door for the people desiring freedom and democracy.

  18. White Australians are leaving Sudanese/Melbourne 3rd world

  19. Bearing for senate. I’m Texan so my opinion doesn’t count

  20. Yeah but it is Frankfurt am Main and that is West Germany so it sucks, if it would be Frankfurt Oder I would instantly get virtual shield

  21. Great one more place im not going


  23. Australia is racist? What leftists propaganda is it?
    The chinese Australians are even more privileged than any other races in Australia lol!

  24. I shit myself at the accuracy of that game plan.

  25. It may be okay to be White, Black, Asian, straight, gay, bi, an attack helicopter, etc., but is it okay to be a dinosaur?

  26. I am black and I say it's ok to be white

    Dear feminists: its not racist now stop being retarted

  27. The white race has been benevolent to the whole world. And you all know it !!!!!

  28. Jesus Fuck, here I thouth we where in a bad situation regardign this in South Africa XD

  29. VPNs cannot protect you in public networks, as that would entail having your connection rerouted across the planet before even connecting to the Internet… which is impossible.

  30. Also i think that lady in the beginning was the same one who had a fundamental misunderstanding of submarines

  31. My cousin tried to lecture me about how the "it's ok to be white" posters was an attack and "is behavior that needs to be corrected". His argument centered mostly around these sorts of things undercutting racism against black people which i think is a bit ridiculous

  32. Is it just me or does it seem that all these western countries allowing Islam to invade them, start to call White's evil.

  33. jokes on you, there are hardly any white people in australia anymore

  34. White guy arguing that saying that it's ok to be white is bad. Why don't you off yourself if you think being white is so bad?

  35. There's no such thing as white people… nor black, nor yellow. Look at your screen. White in the middle, black around the edges. I have never seen anyone that is that 'white', or that 'black'.
    We're all just tanned to a more or less significant degree (some extremely so, but not to the colour of white or black).

    Note though that the more left wing someone gets, the more these differences are *ACCENTUATED*, while actual useful commonalities are *MINIMISED*. They are not interested in Unity, but dividing and conquering.

  36. 👌, 4chan purpetuated a rumor that this means White power to see how gullible the media is. It worked, we have celebrities and twitter NPCs going on about how this symbol is #NOTok

  37. Guy: holds up all lives matter sign
    Mentally retarded local: attacks man for racism

  38. did this guy really leak his ip

  39. Senators Mehreen Faruqi, Penny Wong and Arthur Sinodinos look plenty white to me.

  40. Derin hynch just went full retard.

  41. Greens logic “It’s not ok to be anything but white because ur more likely to receive racism


  43. I wonder what the indigenous peoples of Australia have to say about this.

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