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James Arthur – Empty Space (Still Video)

Music video by James Arthur performing Empty Space (Still Video). (C) 2018 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH

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  1. " cause only you​ cloud fill thi​s empty​ space " i​ can​ feel that​ 😭

  2. I aspire to write and sing beautiful music like James Arthur! This is the kinda music I love to sing!! Music with emotion and meaning. Id love some feedback on my lil cover of this song. Thanks KD

  3. James Arthur and Sam Smith should collab

  4. Only James can fill this empty space.

  5. Linda canta música dele

  6. Fell in love with this song x

  7. I couldn't make u love me🎶

  8. Can relate to this song and the words on such a personal level… Tbey make so much sense to me because I've been in that situation feeling like that. Glad to say i had a happy ending to it. I'm now with my best freind and the love of my life. Always been me and you my babe and will be forever xx

  9. Beautiful❤❤❤💙😘💋😍

  10. The lyrics 😢😢😢

  11. I love this song so much!!!!

  12. This song is so beautiful, so sad too, I just love these words which are so true ❤️ thanks for this amazing song 🙂

  13. Good morning hope you have a happy new year ! An use moderation in all thoings! Lol enjoy !


  15. Remember back in 2012 well look at him now

    Your a legend James I love your songs I could listen to them for the rest of my life thank you

  16. Only you can fill this empty space
    I know that feeling

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