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Jean-Michel Jarre – Live in Houston April 10th 2018!

Jean-Michel Jarre is back in Houston this year 2018 !

In 1986, Jean-Michel Jarre staged the biggest live show in America in downtown Houston in which he gathered 1,3M people.

He is now back in Houston Texas for a unique show on April 10th at Smart Center

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Comments (24)

  1. I saw him on Row 2 at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland.

  2. Grand , c’est grand, c’est vraiment grand. Jarre a créé la musique Hitech, celle du futur!

  3. The most amazing view ever viewed by the viewers eye!!!

  4. When you think, we have seen everything then …

  5. Please bring all his music on dvd so I can watch as well as listen

  6. …..Serdecznie pozdrawiam!!!…

    ….. Anna

  7. It was my great electronic performance great musician

  8. Thank you for amazing show this evening in Smart Center!

  9. Always admired him for this concert. Still have the LP 😉

  10. I saw rendes-Vous Houston for the first time on VHS in 1991. It was amazing. Lucky you, everyone who was there!


  12. Il n'avait pas dit : " rendez-vous dans 150 ans ! " à la fin du concert de 86 ? ….quel impatient ce Jean Michel…

  13. Houston the problem s gettin bigger and bigger… :p

  14. I was at the Houston show in '86….it was AMAZING!!!

  15. Grande 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💕✈

  16. he must play Rendez vous 4 !!!

  17. Please: Bring this concert to BluRay!! And as an extra a remastered 1986 Version 😛

  18. a legend is back wow GREAT

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