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John Denver – City of New Orleans

Here is a good cover of Steve Goodman’s City of New Orleans by John Denver from the 1997 album All Aboard.

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  1. Pure Americana 🇺🇸

  2. Goddamn. Fuck John Denver. Became a millionaire singing about a shit hole state. All of a sudden he becomes a saint? Geez. Get a life.

  3. Love the version by Judy Collins which I think is the very best

  4. While I am a big John Denver fan, this cover of City is not quite up to his usual standards.

  5. I remember my parents bought me this album when I was 4 years old because I saw it on a commercial. had to be about 4 or 5 years old so around 1999-2000. listened to it front to back every day for I couldn't tell you how long. always said I'd work for the railroad. in a few months I'll finally be doing it. John Denver brings some of the best memories of my childhood back. so glad I found this today

  6. As a Chicagoan, let me first say that there will never be another Steve Goodman. As a 12 String guitar player and a folk fan, with a wit and talent to back all he ever said or did, Steve Goodman has written his name in the annuls of time, and, did it with class and a fire in his belly. So many ways, he wooed an audience into a story with a song. He manifested the art and song writing with a twist and turn, and now and again, he would make seasoned professional musicians shed a tear with his talent. Kris Kristofferson has made
    a video about what and how Steve Goodman affected him the very first time he heard him. "The man just blew me away"!! Marty Stuart was another that was overwhelmed with his talent and guitar expertise. About John Denver, as a Guitar guy, he was very good with a voice that really got him to the top of the charts. Also an excellent song writer, and performer, too, John was another one of my favorite souls to express the matters of the hearts with a guitar. Both talented, both unforgettable, both gone way too early. Loved them both, will always be a fan of both. And may God rest their sweet souls in Eternity forever in Heaven. Let their souls through the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace!

  7. nice song , but i like johnny cash's version better 🙂

  8. The problem is John Denver took credit for writing the song on his album and changed lyrics without Goodmans approval. How could he even ask Goodman if Denver thought he wrote it himself? This is a later version as Denver changed " old black men "  to " old gray men" in his album before the credit was rightfully given to Goodman.

  9. John Denver is dead, yet Kanye West still lives.

    There is no justice in this world.

  10. almost as good as his first version on the Aerie album.

  11. I've had this CD of aTrain Songs for 10 years and it never gets old. originally I got it for my kids; they liked it fine but I loved it. I sure miss John Denver, and Otis Redding, and Jim Croce and so many others.

  12. Carlina, please share with your JD friends♥

  13. Yeah I like it so much, love John forever and ever!!!!! and I love the way John singed this song, it is just him!!!
    Thanks Carolina from Chile!!!

  14. You are very welcome my friend

  15. JD one of my heroes♥
    Thank you so much for putting this together for us Ron
    I love it!!..going to share it with a JD group I belong to!!
    I just may get you to do some others others..LOL

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