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John Denver – Thank God I’m a Country Boy (Home Free Cover) (All Vocal Music) | KOREAN REACTION

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Today’s Video : John Denver – Thank God I’m a Country Boy (Home Free Cover) (All Vocal Music)

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I hope you guys enjoyed my video!
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  1. South Carolina born and raised 🤙🤙

  2. Your English is just fine and you are very beautiful. I have subscribed to your page because you said you liked Country Music and Folk Music. I'll be looking for more of that. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jenny, you can speak two languages. Most of us can only speak one. Your English is quite good. I do like this video, glad you do too.

  4. Really try the original by John Denver. I think you might really like it. He was a great male vocalist for country and folk music.

  5. Thanks Love this 😍❤️✌🏻Keep the Home Free reactions coming!!😍❤️✌🏻

  6. your english is very good! I always understand you -Home Fry Hugs to you

  7. You’ve gotta do Man of Constant Sorrow. It’s so good.

  8. I understood you very well! I love Home Free so much. Could you please react to "Mom" and "Crazy Life (the Lego version)". I know you will love them both!

  9. Great reaction! Home Free is really good. Thanks for doing them

  10. Your English is just fine!

  11. I love this! Your reactions were adorable and I can tell your English is improving each time!

  12. Jenny, your english is great! I would love to be able to speak another language. Thanks for the wonderful HOME FREE reaction. Your excitement always makes me smile.

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  14. Thanks Jenny and yes we can understand your English very well… you are doing great! I love your reactions and that you are enjoying Home Free as much as we Fries love them! Look forward to what you pick next.

  15. Like others have said, your English is perfectly fine. Love Home Free! Thanks for reacting.

  16. John Denver was one of my super favorites when I was growing up..Home Free is one of my super favorites right now.
    Thank you for this Jenny.
    I hope you check their Blue Ain't Your Color.

  17. Can you react to these videos please? : Mitch Grassi Find You, Mitch Grassi Graveyard, Roadtrip TV Solo, Roadtrip TV I'll be there, Roadtrip TV Ed Sheeran Medley, Superfruit Beyoncè, Superfruit Imaginary Parties, Pentatonix Making Christmas, Pentatonix Havana, Pentatonix Evolution of Michael Jackson. You don't have to react to all of those videos just some thank you xxxxxx

  18. Helow my beautiful idol magandang hapon, ✨👑🎩👑🎩👑🎩✨
    Party Time!

  19. Ps. I'm a country boy.

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