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Justin Nozuka on Channel 2 in Denver

Justin Nozuka being interviewed and performing “After Tonight” on Channel 2 in Denver on August 8, 2008. Promoting Yoga Health And Wellness Festival on August 24th @ City Park in Denver.

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  1. his voice is amazing i can't help but to listening to him every day

  2. wats up with the hair.when was this?

  3. 🙂 yah I'm sure…i can't wait!

  4. i can't wait until my CD arrives 🙂 i'm so lovin this music.

  5. omg
    he is soo awesome
    i love him so..
    his hair is soo amazing
    nvr will i doubt him

  6. holy shit he was at the DNC?! seriously?!

  7. i'll come away with you any day, babyy.

    justin's looking hoooot here :]

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