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Justin Timberlake: D.A. Reviewing Voting Selfie, Punishment Could Include Jail | TMZ

Justin Timberlake could go to jail for 30 days for taking a selfie in a voting booth.

JT posted a pic of himself back home Monday at the polling place. Problem is … Tennessee law prohibits voters from taking pics or recording conversations in the sacred rooms. Violators can be slapped with a 30 day jail sentence and a $50 fine.

A rep from the Shelby County D.A.’s Office tells us, the Timberlake case is “under review.”

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Justin Timberlake: D.A. Reviewing Voting Selfie, Punishment Could Include Jail | TMZ

Comments (23)

  1. I hope so, I hate that annoying unfunny cunt.

  2. nope he got ZERO punishment , the rich stars and corrupt politicians have different rules time to make it equal for all ********* TRUMP 2016 ************

  3. He most likely voted for crooked Hillary. I'm sure someone can adjust the picture to tell. He is a popular person and who he decided to vote for could be influential. That being said since it IS a crime he should have to pay a hefty fee. I would consider it un American to jail someone for that, but let's be honest…he knew what he did and I hope he gets sent to Crimea to fight a pointless war against Russia if crooked Hillary gets Elected

  4. everyone needs to take a selfie! In order to prevent voter fraud.

  5. I thought only Hillary could break election laws and get away with it. Everyone in Tennessee should take selfies while voting in protest of the double standard.

  6. They say do it anyway because of voter fraud.

  7. Are all the retarded Americans voting Hillary?

  8. Jail is for criminals. Stop making petty ass laws

  9. the land of the free?

  10. Justin Timberlake, George Clooney and Floyd Mayweather could get away with this shit.  But if the average "you" or "me" did this same act, we'd be in the slammer and robbed of our money.

  11. The law doesn't apply to celebrities.
    Like crooked Hillary, JT will walk free for being a flaming Democrap!

  12. Lmao a $50 fine for Justin Timberlake 😂😂

  13. its not a good thing to be constantly strapped to ur phone get a grip people like that either want attention or they need a picture for something to brag about

  14. then the pecker head flys back to California to vote again right.

  15. these days there is a jail time for anything. Come on justice system be smart and don't over flow jails. #stupidreasontogotojail

  16. they'll pass his ass around like currency in there

  17. JT 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤕😍

  18. little do this people know this whole voting thing is rigged

  19. JT! Haha, just make sure to vote the right way my brotha!

  20. He won't do jail time. He's famous, so all he has to to is pay a certain amount of money and just go home.

  21. in this case fuck the gov.

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