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Justin Timberlake – Say Something ft. Chris Stapleton (Official Video)

“Say Something” ft. Chris Stapleton from Man of the Woods
Official Music Video directed by Arturo Perez Jr. – La Blogothèque

Man of the Woods – An Album By Justin Timberlake
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Comments (24)

  1. This should be at least 2 billions

  2. AMEN BROTHER! Brighter days 🌹🙏♥️⭐☀️🌞🌙🌜🌹🌹🕯️🕯️

  3. What does JT say at the end??? Chris laughed hard

  4. Justin i love you from indonesia fan

  5. Love is all you need. Any technology can be utilized for love or exploitation. Love is positive sum. A spirit of wellness. Water. Go team.✌️

  6. WOW THE OLD BRADBURY BUILDING IN DOWNTOWN L.A. brings back soooo many memories. i did not realize it till i seen the elevators. that building if and i believe is still standing, you'all should go check it out. awesome building.

  7. If you want to get strait to the singing 1:30

  8. I´m a rocker since my childhood and i have never listened to Justin or RNB music………….but this once is a very good piece. Thumbs up!!!

  9. He is so immensely talented

  10. The greatest thing to say something

  11. Great video production and great song Chris and Justin 🐝💯

  12. Dang, JT! You go, Memphis! You and Chris rocked this! The ending was mind-blowing! Loved it!

  13. The team who has been working for the video is called La Blogotheque from Paris. What a song/video!!
    Congrats everyone👏

  14. You're no TOM THUM but not bad!

  15. pink is now working with chris… you see the justin timberlake impact

  16. I like this more matured and experienced JT better. This is to my judgment something like the magnum opus of his career. Your legend suits you well Justin, now keep this up please. Deliver more of this new awesome grandeur for us

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