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Justine Blazer – “New Country Beat” Official Music Video

Video Directed by Ryan Archibald.
Song Written by Justine Blazer

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  1. rather listen to my terds splash toilet water

  2. Listened to her at Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison and she was really good!

  3. I had great time being in that video!!

  4. Justine is playing live
    at NICO & VALI Italian Eatery on Saturday, March 12, 2011
    744 Wing St. – Plymouth, MI 48170
    Reservations Recommended!

  5. Energizing song and video…country, pop, and a little bit of rock-n-roll. The best female artist in the Ram Battle of the Bands. You go girl…

  6. I was in this video!! teehee i love it! and Justine you are AMAZING!!! <3

  7. Video turned out great!!! Had a great time participating in it with you Justine =o)

  8. Yeaaahhh awwwhhhjjj!!! Looks like a rockin' time…wish I would have been there!

  9. thats my former dance teacher!

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