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Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh on Music Trends

Karan Johar locked three songs from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in a span of 15 minutes simply relying on his instincts. Watch as he discusses his music choices, industry trends and the forces of remixes.
#TapeCast #GreyGoose.

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Comments (32)

  1. Shame on karan johar

  2. Ranveer is one of those few actors who repeats his clothes and also expresses himself through his clothing without conforming to the latest trends.. Love him!

  3. Big, loud, farty, unstopppable verbal diahorrea!

  4. dude your saliva is everywhere

  5. No hate😁
    But this suddenly reminded me of kareena's dialogue "jo channel kholo karan johar aajata h"

  6. Karan, swallow the spit in your mouth sometimes! It’s literally frothing out 4:30

  7. Sake kamene log! Karan sale tu dunuyaka sabse kamene admi/ aurat hai. Tu paisa ke leye apne maa ko bhe bech dega. Tera time aarahahe leken tu kesa bhul sakta hai, oo time pher se jayega, kamena

  8. Can you bring Javed Akhtar & Varun Grover Together.. Please 😬

  9. I feel bollywood music has gone into blood heart n soul of people born in 70s

  10. Lol… Ae dil h mushkil was Mohammed Rafis song and this guy made a movie on that title and allowed a dialogue in the movie which goes like " Mohammed Rafi gaate kam rote jyada the" and look here he is giving sermons on his musical gyaan … A lover of guru dutt can never hate on Rafi ..arguably the greatest playback ever…..and the whole english to hindi jump is superficial ..One can enjoy both english and hindi songs…Music has no barrier.

  11. Dear Director,
    You had also said you have stopped making item songs stop making remakes of songs as well and work with new talents
    If we are going to remake old songs then will the future remake our remake songs like lol
    We are going down

  12. Dear Director,
    Please stop remaking leave the original classics as it is
    Some star kid actresses who really don't have a great film carrier who know they can't make it but talk like they are worth what they do meh they are doing such bad remakes of songs like Mungda,Gulaabi Aakhen etc
    Pleasey leave the original songs as it is and do another career where you are actually worth of
    Director Saab you do have great music taste music by Kishore Kumar etc but please you too stop spoiling such classic songs
    Like Chand Sa Roshan Chehra and place it your movies:
    This is just so bad
    The current trend is to put remakes of such songs in movies because the filmmakers know that their film is mediocore
    Glad to know that you are working with Amit Trivedi for music gr8 and not working with copy music director

  13. 3 songs in 15 min
    Then u know how Pritam of course lol

  14. Yeah remaking the classic song like Chand Sa Roshan Chehra to a mediocore song he has a great music taste but really messes up such classic songs

  15. karan you are not a weird kid, you are a unique stand out kid. they are a lot of kids who do and had the same feeling as you do, so don't label urself as a weird kid.

  16. Wtf are these two wearing? Looks like they rolled out of bed and stayed in their ugly pajamas or these imbeciles think they are very “hip” and western looking wearing shit like this! And god I hate this fagot! He makes my skin crawl and he has single hand-idly ruined Indian cinema with his garish movies !!!

  17. wow karan is karan . he didnt utter even a single useless word . full of wisdom and knowledge . love you karan from 🇵🇰

  18. Like his work but still can't forget his "ass pinch" comment to Anushka on Koffee with Karan! 🙁

  19. Leave those chairs where they belong 😡. You can’t just drag them from the blue and white room and use it here as if I wouldn’t notice.

  20. Change the title to Ranveer Singh listening to Karan Johar

  21. Karan is talking for 6.5 out of 7 min gg

  22. You know , come to think of it Badtameez Dil IS kind of an ode to Kishore da ! Now that Karan said it I can totally imagine him killing it if it was a song that came out in the late 60s or throughout the 70s..

  23. I know you are a smart person karan , but give Ranveer a chance to speak too. If there is a musical encyclopedia of old Bollywood songs, this is Ranver Singh. I wanted to hear from him too…You should really control your digression without interruption..

  24. I do not want to admit this but Aankh marey Remake is a genius idea and served the movie.. thanks here for Karan johar ..The only remix I've ever loved…
    Despite all his other qualities, this man has a commercial mind..And innate talent to take advantage of all the sources around him and turn them into good ones

  25. Ranveer seriously u r duffer… Look at ur self yaa

  26. He makes the worst films but the same cant be said about his music.

  27. Karan johar is everywhere.

  28. There will be a day, when Chaiya Chaiya will be remixed, with rap infused in the interludes. That will be the Black Friday of Hindi Film Music. They already screwed with Humma Humma from Bombay. So Im guessing songs from Dil Se, Rangeela, Roja, Saathiya maybe remixed anytime.

  29. Brilliant… the method to his madness is absolutely fascinating..

  30. Its interesting to see how KJO & Ranveer are so honest about their choices and explaining each of them . FC with recent Tape Casts including the ones with Farhan , Bhumika, Amit Trivedi made the fans know the real personality within. Great concept and amazing production.

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