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Kid Rock – All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

The Official Music Video for Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” off his album ROCK N ROLL JESUS

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Comments (43)

  1. Oh I diffidently remember

  2. Yreeee Alabama…..big Nice from Romania ….90 The Best 😎

  3. Relax, sun and sweet lips.:)

  4. The good old times

  5. Ok, they have been smoking funny things, but the whole story is pretty much Tea-Party-style. Speedboats and caterpillars – how many Iraqi wars are necessary to fuel your fun? Plus, whenever I see pole dancing girls, I immediately expect to see Berlusconi or Trump LOL

  6. that girl in blue bikini. Wow! 1:45

  7. The kid has come a long way in this world played golf with the president of the United States like him or not over the weekend not many people can say that

  8. Hi there.
    I'm Kid Rock and I ripped off two classic rock songs, Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama, to make a song with my crappy lyrics because I cannot be original or unique.

  9. My neighbor listens to his 24/7.

    Whether he wants to or not.

  10. Rampages and Conspiracies

  11. Like from germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  12. Back when I was when five in maine, 2009, this was on the radio, I was fishing, getting bit by musquitos, running across the beach with no worries, staying at my grandparents or my aunt, playing hunting unlimited on my grandparents old computer, swimming in the lake at sunset then sitting by the campfire, hanging out with my uncle, going to parades and getting bag fills of candy, driving in the sun with the Windows down, catching frogs tadpoles and minnows with a net, and getting sprayed with sunscreen and bug spray.

    Sorry for grammar errors.

  13. Still here 2019 🤙🤙

  14. Back when you could have a rebel flag and people wouldn't call ya racist

  15. Hmm🤣👊💞😘 we had it great back then…he had my heart & dropped it,lol! Still can't stop smiling when I hear this😊🤗😘

  16. Just love it…🇺🇸🇸🇪

  17. "Man i'd like to see that girl again"

    Aint that the fuckin truth

  18. Américan Dream, not for me !
    Beurk !

  19. It would be fuckin kick ass to hangout with Kid Rock, a true American Patriot.

  20. "Man I would love to see that girl again"…

  21. Check his interview with Piers Morgan…He damn one Honest Guy…HUge Respect From Nagaland…

  22. Plottwist shes his sister

  23. This song is a HUUUGE summer party hit in Germany :D.

  24. he raped her she wasnt old enough to give consent

  25. this beat was inspired and almost exactly copied from this….

  26. Greatest tune ever….:-)

  27. Why do people make this bout politics enjoy the damn song bringing politics into non political things ruins it

  28. But…. Is it a cover of sweet home Alabama?

  29. Super piosenka!! ❤ Czy ktoś z Polski słucha tego kawałka??

  30. Don't they make any song like this now a days????😢😢😢😢

  31. This has very strong Florida vibes

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