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Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing The Edge Of Glory. © 2011 Streamline/Kon Live/Interscope

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  1. Gaga I sure hope you see this, as Nicholah Tesla said, " I don't care that you stole my idea.. I care that you don't have any of your own". I'm pissed that you haven't given me any credit ( just like Rumi poem-the Steambath, Bad Romance) And hey where's my cut? I thought you were cool at first, you're a shill! Edge of Glory knives(wish I had taken the gummy bears-Katy Perry, she's guilty too, The One That Got Away, y'all are really milking it), loan sharks, Monster energy drinks(addictive).etc. You're a liar and a thief, , You take the same pills I do honey. You've stolen from other artists too like Warhol did,no remorse (Baby I was Born This Way, a psycho). yes it's true as Picasso said "All artists are thieves" but the great ones have original ideas. Talent is a vampire, talent is a whore, talent is American always wanting more. That sound familiar to you? You're ex Mr. Green is exposing the real you, good for him. He's a real artist. "David Bowie Needs Ideas", that ring any bells? I know this will just sound like the ramblings of a crazy woman, (who'd believe me, right?) to most people who read this but I don't care. As long as you hear it, Skinny Little Bitch! I know you'll understand. How does it feel to sell your soul?? Instant Karma is gonna get you.

  2. Could've been no.1 if this song was released this year … one of her best songs

  3. Me! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  4. When they said 2011 I think of this song.

  5. Endorfinas!!! Al escuchar esta canción. Magistral Gaga

  6. 아몬드 뒤에~ 뒤에 뒤에 뒤에

  7. Abril 2019 y la Sigo Escuchando !! Saludos desde Santa cruz Bolivia

  8. She’s gotta have the best voice I’ve ever heard on a female..her and Adele and I favor Gaga more..Gaga’s performance of this song on true stern show a little while go gave me chills, so powerful


  10. 135.005.646 visualizaciones
    635.687 53.631

  11. Mattia I'm on the edge of glory with you.

  12. One of my all times fav songs…I listen to it when I feel down and also when I am super happy…fits perfectly to every mood ❤️


  14. I forgot how good this song was

  15. Barbie moster mereceu o oscar 2019

  16. Rent and Sesame Street brought me here

  17. This is probably one of my faves . She’s just dancing having a good time

  18. Who's here after watching Ava Max's MV?

  19. Quantas lembranças boas❤️

  20. Had been waiting for Red FM to play this song then got bored over it. Now I like it.

  21. God the melody is so freeing…
    Ah I feel the wind of after 12 am on my face..

  22. Recuerdo cuando de niña bailaba con estas canciones de lady Gaga

  23. When asked why she wrote such an upbeat song for her grandfathers death she replied with “ because his life was glorious “ I die I love her mind man

  24. 무적엘지~ 유강남~

  25. Im the one of fans lady gaga

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