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Lester Holt Explores "Brownstone Jazz" on Nightly News

Watch Lester’s story about a small Bed and Breakfast in historic Bed-Stuy Brooklyn where musicians come to play, airing this Saturday on “NBC Nightly News” at 6:30 PM EST.

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  1. Lester is a very cool dude! A class act! That shirt and tie is always perfect every night. On top of that his on air delivery is always articulate and to the point! Besides all that, he his a jazz bass player! Can't top that! As I said, Lester is a very cool dude!

  2. Lester, keep your day job!!!!

  3. this guy's coolness factor just uped to 10

  4. Go Lester! I like him even more now!

  5. Sounds good Lester! Like the Aria jazz bass!

  6. Nice playing there, Lester… you still "got it"! -Ken- 🙂

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