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Logic – 1-800-273-8255 (Live At The MTV VMAs / 2017) ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

Courtesy of MTV

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  1. Everybody thinks I’m a bad person for being conservative and people hated me for that which caused me to be suicidal so I’m here to say I ain’t what people think I am I ain’t no prejudiced but I believe in what I believe and I’m proud of it so fuck y’all who think differently about me cause I don’t care anymore

  2. 1800 273 8255 suicide prevention

  3. We watched this in class yesterday lmaoo

  4. First time i cry with a song

  5. Logic deserves this year's Nobel prize

  6. 2:05 Logic's mic got cut off for a bit

  7. This is amazing thank you it made me cry

  8. His speech 😭😭 Thank you so much Logic for everything you do ❤️

  9. Where’s his Grammy he deserves it

  10. 1 Like 4 front crowd …no cellphone WOW !!!

  11. Logic has stopped me from hurting myself and more but when I listen to this changed me I felt like that ever again

  12. There should have been also some people in wheelchair and transvestites. Besides that just great, great, great.

  13. May 2019 , im still here lol

  14. Bawihpui hei ilo hmu em?? ngaithla mek😆

  15. I fucked cry .you are legende logic .you saving people lives we stan you

  16. why do Logic have his hand on the michead?it just sounds much worse

  17. 2019 ? My favourite songs ❤❤ love you logic 😍

  18. Allot of dislikes I am supprised

  19. That speech got me. Thank you!!

  20. Logic is the best in my opinion

  21. Holy fuck. New found respect for Logic

  22. This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. It's just sad to think that every day a person commits suicide because of people or themselve. I think that this video is very inspirational and everybody should listen to it. This man is speaking the real, sad truth that other people can't admit and he is giving people help. He's amazing.

  23. 3:14 Khalid came in very emotional 😭

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