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Long-lasting TRENDS 2019-2020 / Which trends will be popular?

Which trends will be popular?
– Total beige and total white
– Total leather look
– “Asian theme”
– Prints
– Suit
– Wide shoulders
– “Clothes from the Victorian era”
– Beautiful sleeve
– Satin
– Draw-string clothes
– “Interesting bags”
– Statement accessories.

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– Low Tree – Come Back Home (Made With Filmora)

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  1. Take speech or voice lesson. You're voice as a commentator is distracting

  2. Very useful video. And that exactly what attracts me to accessories is that they are different. Like the examples you included for each trend covered. Thanks for sharing and continued blessing in 2019.

  3. Question …if it's long lasting, is it a trend?

  4. Love the video ! Especially the total white trend omg so classy 🙂 Just made a similar video on fashion trends for this spring and summer let me know what you think 😉

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