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Macroeconomics: Fun Exploration of Long-term Trends – Prof Paul Frijters Talks to Dr Jan Libich

Professor Paul Frijters from the University of Queensland gives a fascinating introduction to the long-term aspects of macroeconomics such as economic growth, its effect on the environment and poverty, inflation etc. September 19, 2012. Paul’s website:, Jan’s website:

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  1. Does Paul Frijters dislike world government, or world bureaucracy?

  2. Could you explain why marxists are so sensitive? The smallest things will result in a whine

  3. Jan may be good at macro, but it does not make him good at teaching. His voice makes me sleep all the time in lectures… -_-

  4. i really enjoyed writing a half page report on what i liked most about this video, and i feel its only fair that i give you a youtube video to report on! 🙂 yayy, woo, yeah.
    search "the duck song"
    and then please write half a page about what you enjoyed most about the duck song…. yes, its the duck song… and yes, i'm serious! (my favourite part, was when the duck walked up to the lemonade stand)

  5. Good Stuff Jan, very interesting!

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