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Mark Blyth ─ Global Trumpism

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Watson Institute Student Seminar Series – American Democracy: The Dangers and Opportunities of Right Here and Right Now

Designed especially with Brown undergraduates in mind, but welcoming all members of the University and wider community, this seminar series meets in the weeks both before and after Election Day to analyze what’s truly at stake in this election. In the context of American history, contemporary global politics, and current issues in U.S. social, political, and economic affairs, guest speakers will set before the seminar participants the essential issues and then facilitate probing discussions. The seminar’s goal is bear witness to a historic election, illuminating the “dangers and opportunities of right here and right now.”

Mark Blyth is the Eastman Professor of Political Economy and a Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs.

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  1. "The goal isn’t just to reform the party establishment but to replace it: Trump won by co-opting issues of political reform and economic justice. He didn’t steal them; they were a gift from Democrats. What would it take to get them back? Probably a revolt — for sure a debate. Leaders must turn away from their donors and their consultants and re-enter the marketplace of ideas. Any who resist must be sent packing, before time runs out."

  2. he Cliintoons threw the working class under the bus and HRC blames her demise on the Russians. You can't make this stuff up!"

  3. "This list doesn't even touch the policy betrayals brought to you by The Clintons – from banking deregulation, to welfare destruction, to mass incarceration, to "Free" trade. Add to this the militaristic misadventures of Hillary as Secretary of State and you have a candidate that is not only ethically compromised, but has a solid track record of failure. Bill Clinton famously declared that disgruntled democrats "had nowhere else to go". In 2016, the angry mob felt obliged to prove him wrong."

  4. Perhaps one of the most interesting, if not frustrating parts of the rise of Trump is the inability to get Democrats to accept the idea that the economic policies of Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama set the stage for a man like Trump. I think that among the Clinton Liberals, the madness has reached the stage the Tea Party reached with its “Birther” conspiracies around Obama.

  5. Lets really drain the swamp. TULSI2020.

  6. 1:05:12 the subtitle should be "in a [certain sort of] way"

  7. Blyth's cleverness is that he throws everything in and the kitchen sink — with all kinds of dubious asides — so no one really knows what his thesis is. It's a mess. I got as far as where the euro was the fatal flaw with Europe. Well, two years on, it isn't THE problem with Europe — how Trumpism in Europe is more likely to take hold than in the US.
    It's a mess. He should learn to take one issue, model it carefully, show the variables involved. But that's not his style.

  8. Paul Mason is a self described communist who wants to destroy western civilization. Needs offing.

  9. Capital without Borders: Wealth Managers and the One Percent
    Hardcover – September 12, 2016 by Brooke Harrington

    The Hidden Wealth of Nations: The Scourge of Tax Havens
    Paperback – Jul 22, 2016
    by Gabriel Zucman & Thomas Piketty & Teresa Lavender Fagan (Translator)

    The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money
    Paperback – Oct 10, 2017 by Bastian Obermayer & Frederik Obermaier

    Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens
    Hardcover – Apr 12, 2011 by Nicholas Shaxson

  10. "You've done something miraculous," the MC says just before 49:00, " …you've de-personalized this campaign and spoken about real trends, in an academic way." Except for the bit where he reflexively identifies the right with racism. It's infuriating. It's in every presentation or interview I've seen from this brilliant guy. I've been binge-watching his stuff — it's great. This is a wildly intelligent and presumably honest man. How is it "de-personalized and academic" to slander the majority of American voters as racists? It can clearly not be true, or this country would be a very different place. It is not as though socialists have some spotless record on matters of race, by the way. But I shouldn't have to throw mud just to get clean. Maddening.

  11. Finally, a lecture video that understands the importance of seeing the slides rather than a close up on the lecturers head. It is a shame they didn't follow through to be able to hear questions in the Q & A.

  12. 51:16. Well, it kinda did, didn't it?

  13. What is happening in the world is not economical. More psychopathical and they have a new buzzword [mulilateralism] and soon just like the EEC became the EU . The UN will be our New World Government.

    A totaliterian UNelected regime. Decived into exitance as we are fooled by the dark arts of the econimist's book. Who's spell's fail like the cheep tricks they are and of cause. On purpose. For purpose by our psychopathic, treacherous politicians!

    An UNelected, Totalitarian regime against us from the beginning and it's begun and they state, dictate " we intend to dilute national identity and destroy the nation state with migration and we will prosecute all who disagree with our agenda" Conspiracy Fact!

    Then you look around and our sperm count is down by 69 % Fewer of us in the future. 50 % of us will die of cancer. Fewer of us in the future. They can't wait to destroy our babies in and now out of the woumb. All adds up to a decived Genocide. Predicted in the psychopathic, UN agenda 21 and 2030!

    Oblivious when unaware. Ignorant when you ignore!

  14. once you grasp the fact that usa is not a democracy, you can begin to talk about politics in america in an effective way. but discussion founded on myth is unlikely to be productive. while i have great respect for mark byth, he is strangely silent about the fact that madison said his constitution was shaped to prevent democracy, and to ensure the rich ruled.

  15. Desperate for change, got Obama. No change. That's the short version of the Trump story.

  16. Orban is s dictator? According to whom? Last I check the French are running for Poland and Hungary. Sorry dude.

  17. 55:08 10% off the top 1% amounts to 300 Billion Dollars… there are 305 million Americans, so that means less than a grand ahead to go around.

  18. I wonder does professors Blyth have the answer to all this seeing as he’s a master at telling us what’s wrong with capitalism and the world !

  19. Like this guy a lot. He's clearly brilliant and I'll be looking for more of his content. It does disappoint me that despite his intellect he's naive enough to conflate anti-immigration sentiment with racism. I don't doubt there is correlation there, but they are not one and the same. Just because you don't want to follow Merkel's example of kneeling at the altar of white guilt and let in 1 million immigrants does not make you a neo nazi.

  20. Abraham Lincoln wrote something while working as a lawyer before his presidency that seems to display a profound foresight, in part he said,
    "….more despotic then monarchy, more insolent han autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy: I in the future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country-
    Corporations has been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, where the money-power the country will endeavor to prolong it's reign by working upon the prejudices of the people till the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and, the Republic is destroyed."

    This is what happened up until the great depression, the Gilded Age and, while there is a very good chance of a large unnecessary war happening as both Russia and China have both made official statements that they are preparing for war (the u.s. is really leaving no other alternative) we still have the same domestic threat that caused the great depression and, also the 2008 crash-
    the pathological greed of the owner class which has pursued successfully the rampant corruption of all three branches of government and, is far more dangerous to the people in this country than any current or foreseeable war- these people are willing to cheat til they break the game.

    I am a real republican in the sense that I believe society must be subject to the rule of law. In order to function properly the law must be fair and, evenly applied because civilization is supposed to be beneficial to the people in one.
    People choose to surrender pure wild freedom and exercise self discipline for return on collaborative work and, it is worth it if everyone plays by the rules-
    modern medicine,
    the amazingly entering and extremely useful smartphone,
    in-door plumbing, just to name a very few highlights- civilization is how we actively improve our quality of life in the practical sense and the greatest threat to civilization, not just ours but as a whole is not war:
    it is corrupt leaders/owner/elites.

    Direct conflict between societies is not actually of no value, as horrible as wars are they perform certain useful functions, cheating on the other hand is always purely harmful to civilization but is harder to contend with as the people with the highest interest in the behavior are the powerful, the people "in charge" decide to press advantages because exploitation ultimately has slavery profit margins and fighting the enemies of the people is difficult to do legally when the those enemies are the people in charge…..

    ….. now ask me what I think of "for profit enterprises",
    our notions of property or,
    our collective sanity as a species….

  21. 1:09:33 "This stuff is free." Nothing is free. What is happening is the target is shooting first.

    When so much entertainment is free, people feel their economic lives are better than they actually are and less likely to expect much from politicians.

  22. Generally ​​speaking London and Scotland voted against Brexit as did N.I. & Wales, does this make it an 'England' decision? After all London has huge numbers of immigration and Scotland has relatively low levels of immigration, where's the comparison?

    OK, this is a fair point. So let's look at that a little closer. London is unique in that it has been multi-cultural for 60+ years and now have several generations that have grown up in multi-cultural communities, they've gone through the period of adjustment and come out the other side all the richer for the experience, but it didn't just happen overnight, anybody who can remember Till Death Us Do Part or Love Thy Neighbour will cringe at what passed for 'entertainment' on the BBC in the 60's & 70's. So we have multi-cultural London and outlying areas with low levels of immigration voting to remain and areas where immigration is on the rise voting to leave the EU.

    So yes, Brexit was a racist decision IMHO.

  23. trump people are freaking crazy

  24. A lot of what he is saying can be read in a newspaper or political magazine and doesn't need to be relayed in an (expensive) Ivy League university but having said that, he should be presenting objective facts and refraining from offering his own political opinion. As an engineering graduate it's was never an issue for me but for arts and humanities undergraduates I can see it's something to beware. The AFB and UKIP are not anti-immigrant, they are not necessarily anti-immigration either but want immigration controls, just like Trump. Orban in Hungary is democratically elected and is no dictator. Some of his other deductions are straight out of socialism 101. I like his presentations and find them informative but am dubious about the claim that most of the industrial jobs in the Wisconsin went to North Carolina, Texas and Florida and not China and that robots will take manufacturing jobs.

  25. John Huckley from now on everyone who seeks to undermine the will of the elite will be slandered as an anti-semite, and the term will lose all weight if it hasnt already.

  26. So Trump is a racist and that pretty much is your whole premise.

    I seriously doubt he's a racist.

    Thanks to hillary clinton, Gaddafi was taken out. Her interview with Barbara Walters shows her laughing about it. Gaddafi didn't fail. Gaddafi got fqd.

  27. This was a 2016 economics lecture. Before the election. Looking back at his prediction that "Trump wont get elected because he can't write the laws"; who is going to allow Nationalism to cut off globalization?; stop trade and export of jobs?. Well it happened. Nobody thought it could be. Not only did trump win but GOP took over both houses of congress.We got a huge tax cut! We're building up our military, trying to build a wall. Terrorizing the undocumented. Trump can't rewrite the laws but he AND Congress could ignore them. "Make me!" Are their battle cries!. He can't piss off the huge corporations with tariffs, they are smiling all the way to the bank because tariffs are a small tax to pay for billions in deregulation also being done behind the scenes. The most being hurt by tariffs are small business not the huge multinationals. The left and right sides is being eliminated for the huge benefit to the 1% at the top further aided by technology and technocrats. Then take over the courts and you control everything

  28. He has incredibly great analysis but the poorest solutions to them. Shame. Easy to recognize problems not so much in solving them.

  29. About the migration debate:

    Ask people to come up with an image that symbolizes America’s immigrant heritage, and many of them will choose the Statue of Liberty. A gift from the people of France, she has watched over New York Harbor since 1886, and on her base is a tablet inscribed with words penned by Emma Lazarus in 1883:

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    To some Americans, the words of Emma Lazarus are our national credo. How unpatriotic is it to undermine America’s greatest success?

    Btw: As scientist I know that birth rates are correlated to health and children’s survival. Strangely enough, in animals and humans. After war, more boys are born as compensation. Nature somehow regulates it. That’s why Africa has a higher birthrate, because more children are dying from diseases. In developed countries, the birthrate of migrants is dropping to average. You can evaluate this even by watching doves. When they starve, less are surviving and more offspring is produced to compensate.

    Furthermore, most money is produced from interests in accounts – literally a free income. It’s a myth that work is required to earn. But I’m willing to accept that human societies are inherently stupid. You can play Monopoly and watch. It always ends in a similar fashion: the winner takes it all. Then revolution occurs and the game repeats itself over and over. Different pawn, same outcome. Gals are hunting for the rich guy, doesn’t bother about morality (oppositely, monkeys do care wether the alpha male is sharing his food with the group). So perhaps you ladies are in charge: stop motivating those Donald guys to pretend having the largest tower…

  30. White men will always pander to pathetic racists. Theres no excuse for these attitudes.

  31. It annoys me how West-centric this is.

  32. "It's much easier to fool people than it is for people to learn they have been fooled."

    Mark Twain

  33. Thank you Watson Institute, they wanted 34.95 for the article and there's more here for free

  34. Humm Mark Blyth is a very good economist but his first Q&A has not aged well, trump trade war with EU, Canada and China !

  35. What does global mean when we live on a plane?

  36. I thought you libs were so sure you couldn't lose and "Trump will never be president". BWAHAHAHAHA. Singing a different tune now huh losers ?

  37. Gary's downward spiral didn't start in 1989 but two decades earlier with the election of Gordon Hatcher. By the time of 1980, the City of the Century, had already begun its terminal decline. Deindustrialization was only one of the reasons for the decline.

  38. Damn you are smart and put things into perspective. Thanks for your post. Cheers

  39. I like the idea but Mark bullshits about trump a non politician while ignoring how Clinton and Obama create nafta and Tpp and bailed out the banks -they are the true crooks

  40. I would love to know what Mark Blyth thinks about Henry Georges land value tax.

  41. There's nothing scary about Orbán. He's a patriot protecting the interest of his fellow countrymen. There's nothing extreme about him. Just because you don't allow EU policy to come in and plunder your resources and economy, it doesn't mean you are an extremist. That is the language of propaganda. And labelling other leader's as "Trumpets" is so derogatory and the typical "mickey mouse" way of of simplifying reality. "The guy that is basically a dictator inside the EU". What an idiotic way of describing Orbán, a man who has been democratically re-elected, something that you anglo capitalists can't take.

  42. Immigrants are the symptom not the cause, I mean that many, (me as well) have recognized that its the rich wanting cheap labour that have driven the immigration push, accusing any detractors of being Nazi's. So now the kick back comes, Brexit then should be recognized as a big F you to the business world.

  43. He is concealing most of the truth, namely, that the working class is getting poorer in the West because capitalism has found the way to access a huge reservoir of cheap docile manpower in the III World via immigration, outsourcing and global trade with social dumping. As patriots are the only ones who seriously oppose globalization, it's a mere question of time that workers' fight and patriotic fight merge and pose a real threat to global capitalism. You cannot claim to be the genuine left while supporting immigration and globalization.

  44. Holy shit, is that ContraPoints at 55:00?

  45. Hi Mark. China is to my best knowledge no longer a saver country in the world economy. Also, why do you need population increase when robots will take tonnes of jobs in the future? This goes for all the Western countries. Japan is not a freak state, it is just the proof that we don't need a reckless immigration policy in the Western world. Excellent diagnosis on the problems in hand, but very poor ideas on how the remedies to change it. Hoh, please also read a bit more on the so called 'sharing' of resources done in the collectivization of the former Soviet Union, Communist and the cherry on the cake Cambodja. This last one is a must in the extent of what 'sharing' is all about.

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