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Metallica-Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)

All instruments were arranged, played and recorded by me.
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  1. Would you like a cup cake with that coffee 😂

  2. “Is this a Ween song?”
    – my wife

  3. Is there a tab for this?😂

  4. If Metallica made anime opening songs

  5. The level of these musicians is obviously very high…No one could deny !

  6. Everyone on the bus is wondering why Im laughing so hard. If they only knew!

  7. Голос наложен на левую дорожку, вообще не имеющую отношения к видео, где играют обычную версию. Видно же по зажимаемым "аккордам"

  8. It's been over 9 years… 9 years and nobody ever showed me this masterpiece. 😐

  9. This is legit better than the original.

  10. The shots of Lars actually fit quite well with the beat, fucking hillarious.

  11. There's no way Kirk could play this, lol.

  12. This could be a Steely Dan song

  13. Enter Sandwich – Meatallica

  14. Manowar playing the bulgarian anthem but its jazz. i think a reharm on this will be pretty good

  15. Hey whose playing steely dan?

  16. This is amazingly brilliant. Great job on all the instruments and the recording. I want to hear what else you got.

  17. Lars wouldn't even want to perform this, the amount of bass would disturb hum

  18. this is wrong but also great at the same time

    at least there’s no st anger snare

  19. Whoever made this is an amazing musician.

  20. so much better than the original

  21. Is possible to get the chords or score of this? And basket case!!

  22. This is internet gold. Nice work 👍

  23. This might be the greatest comment section lmfao

  24. This is well splendid mate

  25. Lars looks like Richard Simmons in the thumbnail

  26. This is actually quite an awesome version… Well done 🙂

  27. This is a good representation of how real metal heads heard this album when it first came out. I bet millennials would have found this more appealing amd marketable if it came out fresh today.

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