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Midweek Metal Episode 87 – Heavy Scotland, Hot Beer & Fake News

Trivax – Saturn:

Metal Chef Pt1(Original):



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  1. Cheers for the recommendation guys.

  2. watching your vids is now my saturday beer drinking ritual…btw im Canadian (0% french ;00)…drink my beer warm usually..but people think im crazy around here…glad im not alone on the crazy train anyway. cheers

  3. The cooking video you are looking for is Normal Orndinary Swedish Mealtime I believe. Fab stuff.
    QOTW: last bloodstock, a friend and I found a whole crate of Budweiser cans. A game of danger can ensued bud the Budweiser cans could not be broken and my friend nearly knocked himself out at one point. We later found a crate of surprisingly drinkable
    carling cider so were bloody smashed.

  4. Tie him to the train tracks? Next doodle, you two as evil old timey villains with big hats with damsel Doomface in distress.

    QOTW: My Mate Scot nicked a massive wooden "Don't feed the ducks" sign at a festival, fuck knows how he got it out the ground because it was the size of a parking bollard and hammered right in.

  5. QOTW: I have stolen a few hearts at festivals…nah, jk, I took 5 cans of budget beer/ dog lager (heard it from Phil Jupitus) from, apart from my, soon-to-be-folded, tent, abandoned camp area when I went to the glorious Gefle Metal Festival this year (saw Sodom, Venom, Children of Bodom, At the Gates, immaculate Behemoth, a hopefully soon to be famous black metal band called Asagraum and parts of Coroner's act). Not very mischiveous of me, but anyway…

    I agree with the people below; the Nostradanus (no, not with a m) segment was amusing. 🙂

  6. Your prediction about Sabaton has come too late
    It has already begun

  7. yall should try your hand at soundcloud rap lmao

  8. TORCfest! Are you going to be there for the entire festival? Only asking because I play guitar with Saturday headliners Kaine and it would be super awesome to see you there.

  9. I bought myself a ticket to Bloodstock the week before last which has already arrived through the mail. Any recommendations on things I should try and do there other than have a nice time? Perhaps talk to random people at the bars/merch stands like I did at the last gig I went to?

  10. QOTW: At BOA 2007, when the festival was much smaller than it is now, you used to be able to sneak backstage by going round the back of the pisser cabin and climbing over a waist-high barbed wire fence. I enjoyed a ham roll and a can of Pepsi from headliner Sabbat’s dressing room.

  11. Y'know I really wouldn't mind living under a dictatorship of the Brodèn

  12. RIP so now I have to go all the way down to Englandshire

  13. If I can successfully take this swift kick to the bollox.. Would that nominate me to be the first to recieve a kick it in the Dick patch?

  14. The Fake news predictions is the best, Have at least one prediction in each video from now on please.

  15. You should do more fake news its great

  16. Fake news segment was the best

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