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Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek explains how the millennial generation became so entitled. A combination of failed parenting strategies, technology, impatience and environment have created a wave of young people who can’t hack it in the real world.

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  1. Did he say 94 or 84 and after?

  2. Blame the corporation and not the parent? The corporations have to build thier self-confidence? NO thank you. I just won't open business. Video was good until the idiotic end and wrong conclusion. YOU should have just said go to church and seek higher meaning. As if the corporations are the answer. Fool.

  3. Had me until the last 2 minutes blaming corporations.

  4. I was born 1992 raised by grandparents, with classic rock, old cars and old fashion. I grew up working on old cars collecting vynal records, 8-tracks and old clothing. I graduated highschool and three years of automotive in vocational college and ive worked since i was 15 and a half years old and ive worked in retail for 10 years and all i need is money and full time hours. I dont rely on any one but myself and i have the ability to make friends easy. Of course i have nothing in commom with people my age at all, plus i dont bother with social media and youtube just where i go when i listen to music i dont have or board. Im just old fashion. Im good with out technology, just give me my vynals and a classic car or van to wrench on an im happy, or even fishing im good to go. So gonna say nope on this whole millienals thing. Its sterotypical.

  5. I have 3 millennial in my family and they are all hard-working. I think you should forget the labels and start looking at individuals as just that "individuals". Mind you, none of them are addicted to their cell phones.

  6. The “real world” is actually pretty fictitious and filled with yes men. It’s also incredibly superficial which tends to lead us with a false sense of positivity. I feel like most of us can see this. There’s a difference between being weak and unable to adapt to an idiotic system filled with fake people. It’s not our fault we’re able to see through the trees.

  7. Lol im a millenial. 3 of my bosses.told me I was the best worker they've EVER hired!

  8. Well the blacks and muslims invading are not helping too

  9. I like how the Millennials didn't have the attention span to make it to the end of this video and instead headed straight for the dislike button. On brand.

  10. A generation raised by women

  11. I’m not a millennial I’m gen z but might as well be one, I find it sad because I can relate with everything said in this video and don’t know what to do. I go through life like a zombie and so do most of the people at my school, I try to develop deep meaningful friendships but fail because know one can seem to no how, are even know what it is to have one. I’ve only had a couple meaningful friendships in my life, mostly because I would show my friends how to care and look out for each-other and we had values. Now days I have a friend it means nothing they will drop u for the next best thing and you can’t show them better because they are grown and already have there own broken values. They just don’t know better.
    I also find my self esteem to be low sometimes and I don’t know why.
    Life is hard and I’m just trying to find meaning in it to be honest.

  12. Maybe we caught on that it is all a scam. Working does not equal happiness and it’s a rat race that we all die from at the end so why not be the tortoise instead of the hare.

  13. Addiction brought me here.

  14. I don’t agree 100% but this is probably the closest way to put into words the societal breakdown that is both hurting and misunderstanding millennials today that said so many do work hard but many of the rungs of the economic ladder that got their parents where they are are missing with stagnation in wages and pensions a thing of the past even the hope for long term employment and real chance of promotions and wage growth is unlikely at best for huge swaths of millennials in the workforce today and a good portion of that is directly attributable to the older generations working longer than they have in the past assuring the aforementioned promotion issue due to lack of openings up the corporate hierarchy

  15. 1. I believe most people are referring to Generation Z not really Milennals, this group now goes up to close to 40 years old , 2. Who raised us…Baby Boomers so there is more than just pointing fingers at millennial., 3. This is a blanket statement, I believe ethnicity, socioeconomic, status and gender play a factor someone 20 from upper class is going to have a different experience from a 20 year-old improvised person and 5. I've worked hard for every single thing I've received.

  16. millenials are bigggg gay

  17. Guy says uh every 3 seconds. Also entitled means you legitimately deserve something. I am so sick of hearing people misuse this word. Should have said they FEEL entitled or have a false sense of entitlement.

  18. "Social media is bad, Social media creates a false sense of approval"…
    (Uploads video to social media in hopes of getting a ton of views and likes)

  19. We are not lazy nor we want everything handed to us. I have been working and going to school since I was 16 but things are getting more expensive and wages are very low. My latest job was construction where I used to work hard and hoping after a year or 2 to get a raise since I got good operating the machines but after over 2 years I get a lousy $1.50 raise and as time went by and my knowledge was expanding my boss expected me to do more and get pay the same, I said "fuck it", quit and started doing my own thing where I do better than my old job.

  20. This is really going to change my life

  21. this gen is so fucked up in the head holly shit!!! gen z dont be like these dum freaks…some advice from a gen x …ur gen is toxic..shit! stay away from ur own…if its crap…!!! try only postive folks…or gen z or others…or try hookers…just stay away from the toxic bs!! be a loner and try a girl or hookers.and dont be a trans…socialist dam.

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