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Dr Joseph Cipriano DC adjusts a first time patient seeking Chiropractic care. She has some pain in her trapezius muscle area and low back that gets addressed. She has some very loud cracks and pops which will please any “crack addict” out there. The powerful Y strap adjustment was not used at the end to complete the adjustment.

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The Y-Strap Chiropractor! Follow my other social media’s to see more insight on my life!!

Patient instantly feels relief after Dr Cipriano’s Y-strap full spine (Full Body) whole body Chiropractic adjustment. Dr Cipriano’s neck strap adjustment (neck pull adjustment) is very powerful that decompresses the entire spine removing pressure off the nerves to allow the body to heal and function. Dr Cipriano is a full body (whole body) chiropractor that uses a neck strap (y strap) adjustment device to manually decompress the spine. Instant relief after y strap. Loud chiropractic cracks in neck, loud chiropractic cracks in mid back and loud chiropractic cracks in low back. Any crack addict will enjoy.

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